Celebrate my 7 Year Podcastiversary and Enter to Win a Fat Quarter Bundle!

I’ve been doing this little quilting podcast for seven years as of October 17, 2017! Time certainly has flown, and I wanted to host a little celebration, which of course means a giveaway!

The fine people at Windham have donated this fabulous bundle of 17 fat quarters from the new Flourish line from Mia Whittemore (who got her line produced by winning a context with Uppercase magazine – fun!), which comes in lucious purples, yellows, and botanical prints.

I would show a picture of the actual bundle, but I forgot to take a picture of it before jetting out of town, so here is Windham’s graphic and a link to ogle it on their website.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway; you’ve got until midnight October 24 (US Eastern time) to enter the giveaway, and I will ship internationally!

Thanks for listening!

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Sunday Stash – Finally!

This week I powered through some of the donation quilts I had ready to go from all that piecing that happened last week.  Those two quilts I finished are in the wash, so no pictures yet, and of course the third I totally forgot to finish before taking in to the shop that it’s going to hang in! Next time I’m in, I’ll grab a picture of it.

It was Saturday Sampler blog pick up week for me, though, so I got four blocks done over the weekend.  Here’s the two house blocks since it was a double month for those:

  • Used this past week: 14.25 yard
    • 5.75 yd for Belinda shop sample
    • 4.25 yd for Rainbow Unicorn donation quilt
    • 4.25 yd for Shabby Chic donation quilt
  • Total Used Year to Date: 230.5 yards
  • Added this week: nothing!
  • YTD Used for Charity: 69.5 yards (30% of total used)

Morse Code Quilt – Finished!

This quilt started out as a collection of leftover strips from a Saturday Sampler quilt, Sparkling Gems (which I never got a picture of – boo!)  We received monthly bits of fabric to use for the main blocks, and had a number of leftover trimmings that measured 1 1/2 – 2″ by various lengths. The batiks were too pretty to just chuck so I held on to them until I finally just started improv piecing them together with leftovers of the background fabric.

The total size is around 43 x 64″ – a bit longish, but I didn’t want to leave any strips out!  To quilt it, I did wavy horizontal lines in the background and did a straight line with repeating circle motif in the all the colored bits. Nina is helpfully showcasing that design below.

I’m not quite sure where will this go, or what purpose it will serve. It might get donated, or I might keep it because I love the bright colors!

En Provence Mystery Step 2

In the midst of piecing several other projects, I got 100 v-block units put together and pressed for Step 2 of the En Provence mystery! Then I realized that I wasn’t planning on making the full size quilt, so I’ve overmade blocks. Oh well – I suppose i can always make the size quilt I want and then throw the leftovers into another project.

My colors are a little different; rather than magenta I’m using a pinkish/coral color.

En Provence Step 2Check out some of the other Step 2 results in Bonnie’s linky!

Sunday Stash – Favorite Things

This week I finished a birthday present and a commission project for a catheter bag cover. Lots of other sewing happened with catching up on the Favorite Thing BOM blocks and finishing a king sized quilt top. I’m torn on quilting it though- I know how I want it quilted but don’t think I have the longarm skill to do it, and it’s too big for my home machine, I think.

Perhaps I’ll bite the bullet and do it at home anyway.

  • Used this Week: 1.5 yard
    • 0.75 yd for wreath
    • 0.75 for catheter bag
  • Used Year to Date: 93.5 yards
  • Added this Week: 3 yard
    • 3 yd for Sparkling Gems finishing kit
  • Net Used YTD: 40.75 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 41.25 yards (45% of total used)

See more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

Every Comment on Every Quilt Blog Ever

Every Comment on Every Quilt Blog EVERI was inspired by The Toast’s post on recipe blogs and my own experience. You’re welcome, CoralQuilts!

  1. Did you make that yourself?
  2. Is that modern?
  3. I don’t want to spend the money on the book you used for the pattern. Could you write up a tutorial on that?
  4. OMG how do you finish so many quilts? I never have time to sew, so I’m curious how other people get so much done.
  5. Didn’t (famous quilt blogger) already make this?
  6. Would you sell that to me? I can PayPal you $50! (ed. note: obviously from a non-quilter!)
  7. I tried this pattern, but all my blocks came out to 11 7/8″ instead of 12 1/2″, except for the one I did on my mom’s machine which came out to 13″, so I think the pattern is wrong.
  8. Did you label it?
  9. I’ve never heard of a half-square triangle. Did you invent that?
  10. I just started a fabric diet, so I’m hoping you can tell me how to make it this bed quilt with 3 fat quarters and half a jelly roll. Do I really need the background fabric?
  11. I only work in orange.  Could you re-write the pattern and tell me what Kona colors I should buy?
  12. I made this pattern, too, but swapped out the values and made my stars wonky and eliminated the sashing and used burlap for the binding.  The quilt isn’t very attractive, so I don’t recommend the pattern.
  13. Could you show me a picture of your cut pieces? I’m not sure I got the count right.
  14. What does the back look like? I made the top, but the pattern didn’t include instructions for the back and I’m out of fabric, so I guess I can’t finish the quilt.
  15. I only use 110% organic certified batting made from the dreams of baby llamas.  There’s only 1 yard produced per year, so I don’t think I can make this quilt.
  16. Did you press your seams open? I think if you press the seams open, it releases the quilt chakras too quickly and it disintegrates within 3 washings.
  17. I can’t believe you pressed your seams to one side. That totally creates bumps and disrupts the quilt chakras.
  18. I hope you pre-washed your fabric.  The sizing causes cancer.
  19. Where do you buy your fabric? You must be rich to have such a fabric museum in your house!
  20. I ran out of background fabric partway through so I substituted another fabric and my quilt looks a little jacked up. What would you recommend?
  21. Could you post instructions for making this a crib quilt?
  22. Could you post instructions for making this a lap quilt?
  23. Could you post instructions for making this a twin quilt?
  24. Could you post instructions for making this a full-sized bed quilt?
  25. Could you post instructions for making this a queen-sized bed quilt?
  26. Could you post instructions for making this a king-sized bed quilt?
  27. Could you tell me how you basted it? I tried using Nice McQuilter’s method, but instead of 1″x3″ boards, I had to use twigs I found in my yard.  I also didn’t have basting thread so I used some twine from the kitchen we use at Thanksgiving to truss the turkey. I wouldn’t recommend that basting method.
  28. How long did it take you to make it? Three days?
  29. Spray basting causes cancer and shreds the hopes of small children.
  30. I had a bad experience on a road trip through Ohio, so I can’t make any Ohio stars for any quilts. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern.
  31. Oh, it’s too bad your fabric isn’t the same as the picture in the pattern. I guess you could donate it to charity.
  32. The pattern says the border needs to be 64″ long, but I don’t have a ruler that measures 64″ so I couldn’t finish the quilt.  Where did you find a 64″ ruler?
  33. I tried to cut the pieces for this pattern, but my rotary cutter kept leaving little bits of fabric connected when I cut them. I don’t think this pattern is very good.
  34. I only had a size 70 needle to quilt this and my machine kept skipping stitches. The pattern writer should have told us this would happen.
  35. Could you make me one?

Edited: I’m closing comments on this because instead of being a fun banter, there are starting to be some blocks in a bunch over hurt feelings and general unloading on unsuspecting targets.