The Stitch – Episode 110 Audio Only

This month, Pam and Lynn talk about how to cheat at quilting, taking online classes, and class etiquette.

This is the audio-only version of the video on YouTube. See show notes, photos, and more available on The Stitch TV Show page!

NOTE: This audio-only version of The Stitch is replacing my usual weekly HtbaS podcast; I’ll be back solo next week for the usual geeky fare!

2 Replies to “The Stitch – Episode 110 Audio Only”

  1. (Disclaimer: this isn’t actually related to the Stitch, as much as I enjoyed it.)

    I’ve been listening to your archives as I quilt in the evenings, and I just wanted to say thank you for the bits you’ve shared about quilting helping you battle PPD and such. I was diagnosed this month and have been on Zoloft for about 2 weeks, and quilting is definitely one of the things that helps the most! Knowing a bit of your journey encourages me as I begin mine. 🙂

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