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WIP Wednesday – Quilting Machine

This week I’ve been working on finishing up pattern samples for our July pattern release; not only am I making the two that are featured in the pattern itself, but also a third shop sample to accompany the printed patterns. The two for the pattern have been handed off for production and photography; here’s a sneak peek at the quilting on the back of one of the samples.

My ribbon candy is slowly improving thanks to practice!

The third sample (which I thought I asked everyone to stop me if I decided to do three samples at one time for a pattern?) I worked on at the sew-in last night. Here’s hoping the seams I sewed on my Featherweight are straight!

WIP Wednesday – The Helpering Edition

I’ve been trying to finish a big quilt project, but it’s been difficult for two reasons:

  1. There are adorable kitty bellies to rub.
  2. Kitties attached to adorable bellies are taking up residence on top of my projects.

Even with that, though, I’ve got one more border to go on this stinker and then I can bind it! After that it’s working on Summertime Blues and a couple other projects.

WIP Wednesday – Quiltily

This week has been mostly making progress in quilting on a pattern sample, and also working further on the Dresden Garden top.  I got the dense center part of the quilting done last night, and will try to do the next thread color tonight.

After tonight all bets are off as I’ll be hanging out at the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild show this week! Come say hi if you’re coming through Atlanta this weekend – the show runs Thursday to Saturday at the Cobb County Civic Center!

WIP Wednesday: Defuzzing

This week has felt like an uphill slog to get anything done. It is the last week of school, and that usually means a frajillion things happening in the evenings so the time at the sewing machine has been limited since Sunday.

I’m also trying to keep my cutting table clean and moving projects along, but frankly, there’s a been a lot of fuzz gathered on it!

I’m about to start cutting into some delicious fabric from Ink & Arrow, however, so I promise more eye candy soon!

WIP Whoopsday – Little Miss Muffet

I flaked on posting in the actual WIP Wednesday for this because I wasn’t actually finishing this little project until last night!  I signed up for a tuffet class at a local shop, Sew Main Street, for January originally so I could take it with a friend. Due to a Series of Unfortunate Events, really more Jerry-Lewis-French-farce than true disaster, I ended up not taking the class until May.

It’s not hard per se – the toughest bits are pressing the fabrics once they are all sewn together and using the giant pokey upholstery needle to tuft the tuffet with the button. Of course, the benefit of the class is that we had extra help on hand to help with the bits that require manual labor, and the kits came with the foam already adhered to the wood base and covered in batting.

If you’re local to Atlanta and want to make a tuffet, go get the kit from Sew Main Street! The pattern we used was from Erin Underwood Quilts.

WIP Whoopsday – Introducing the Soft Pant Studio!

I’ve been doing more work on my as-yet-not-revealed quilt project but I took some time out this weekend to set up a new video recording space.  At my house, it’s upstairs in what used to be a small bedroom next to the master bedroom.

This room served as a nursery for my daughter, who is now 11, and since she moved out into a regular bedroom 9 years ago, it’s been the Christmas wrapping paper room and place where the cats hide all of their ping pong balls (I discovered that last bit when re-arranging furniture this weekend).

The only furniture in here (besides the wrapping paper bin!) was the vanity in the picture and a cedar chest.  The nook where all the quilts are hanging used to be a closet with a door, but we re-jiggered it to act as a nook for the vanity long before The Stitch TV Show even existed.  Our plan for this room was to serve as a giant walk-in closet, and we can still do that on the empty wall to the right of this set-up, but for now, it’s my new studio space!

Normally I would keep the vanity in the nook from a room arrangement flow, but just to the right of the current position is a window, which can give daylight during daytime recording.  The mirror on the vanity is not so I can gaze adoringly at myself while stitching, but rather to reflect more light onto me during filming; ditto for why there’s a lamp right there on the vanity.

You’ll note there’s no sewing machine.  That’s because we learned, to no one’s surprise, that sewing machines can be loud, so Lynn and I focus on doing handwork as we’re doing the virtual stitch-ins (next one on May 12!).

So, exciting times ahead. With this set-up, I’ve considered publishing my podcast recording as a video hosted on our YouTube channel for those that prefer video. Fear not, the podcast is not going away! There will still be audio files in iTunes and Google Play for listening while commuting, and it’s a matter of me figuring out how to pull the audio feed from a video (probably easy) and also how to add the front music bumper to the video stream (also probably easy, knowing YouTube).

If you want another sneak peek of what else will be happening at Soft Pants Studio starting in June, go see this post in Facebook!

WIP Wednesday – Helperful

I can’t yet show details of what I’ve been working on this week, but you all should know that Nina is providing appropriate supervision to keep me on track.

Just as well because I got word today that the only other remaining guy on my team at work turned in his notice. He’s not in the US, so wasn’t affected by the same mandate I had, but he had been “encouraged” to go into the closest office to him. He has a 2 hour commute one way with no good alternative public transportation, so I can’t really blame him. The cheese stands alone, you guys. It’s not a good week.

WIP Wednesday: Back At It

This week I’ve been trying to get back into the groove and finishing some things before the next wave of giant projects hit.  I’ve been remiss in finishing up a couple things for my mom, so I’ve been working on some alternative throw pillow covers and various projects.  I’m trying my hand at a cathedral window-style cover; it looks better than I’d thought it might for a first try!

And it’s also time to get back to quilting; I took the cover off Cindy to find the table bed cover had buckled, like maybe the cats had skidded onto it so much that it skootched it over? I peel up the double sided tape and smoothed it all out again, so easy enough to fix,

WIP Wednesday – Just Beachy

Beachwalk QuiltI may or may not be on a beach right now, but I will be shortly! In honor of that, here’s a picture of the Beachwalk quilt I made a couple year ago.

Before getting to the beach, however, I managed to finish the two Saturday Sampler blocks for this month.  We’re coming up on the end for Summertime Blues (only one block left), so I need to start thinking about layout.  I think I want to set it in an alternate sort of layout to make it a bed size quilt and take advantage of the giant digitally printed cat I got from a Moda kit. That will require me to bring in a bit of lime green to match the cat eyes, and maybe some additional blocks to fill out the setting. Mostly I want a bed size quilt to donate to Good Mews for their auction this year since I know those sell better!

WIP Wednesday – It Still Totally Counts

It’s 11:33 so I’m just squeaking this under the line! Mind you, I don’t have a picture of anything I’ve been working on since it’s been recovering from the Vegas trip, computer stuff for The Stitch,  getting used to being in an office again a couple days a week, and getting ready for family vacation.

It’s going great!