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WIP Whoopsday- Slacktacular

Guys, I’m sorry. I fell of the face of the earth. It’s prep time for my Vegas conference, and the following week is the big project launch for a work thing, and then the next week I’m vacation. I will try my darndest to keep things moving and posting over here, but if you need a quick fix of “What is Pam up to?” just watch Instagram for more upcoming bathroom art and who-knows-what-else from my travels.

Also, I got stuck in traffic for two hours trying to get home yesterday, and if that doesn’t crush your spirit, I don’t know what will. The good news is at the end of it, I did get to a sew-in and spent some time with Marcia, my Singer Featherweight.

WIP Wednesday – A Full Array

Conveniently the #IGQuiltfest prompt for yesterday was “what’s on your cutting table”, and for once I had something other than a pile of fabric or a cat! These little gems are being sewn into 3 rainbow star blocks to go into a raffle quilt for an upcoming blog hop!

Stay tuned for a link over to the blog hop the first week of April so you can enter to win the quilt yourself!

WIP Whoopsday – Sigh

QuiltCon was wonderful and exhilarating and exhausting all in one, and I will try to write about it over on The Stitch TV Show site. I make no promises, however, because…

Unfortunately I came back to work to a super busy time and I’ve not had energy to do much of anything outside of work.  Time marches on, however, and I did pull it together long enough last night to make the top for my Star Wars mini for the May the Fourth Be With You Swap.  We had to show progress on Instagram as a check in.

My picture is less than impressive, frankly, BUT I am liking the direction it’s taking.  As I said in the caption on Instagram, it’s going to come alive with the quilting! Such are the hazards of in-progress pictures.

WIP Wednesday – Messy

Of course right when it’s time to head out of town I decided to “just get that one thing done”, while also doing laundry and packing and everything else. So here’s a charity quilt I started.

The rows are almost put together; my goal is mostly to get the top finished before I head out tomorrow for QuiltCon.  That will bring me to a quilt pile-up of FOUR tops ready to be quilt. I will think about that when I get back, though!

WIP Wednesday – V Fancy Indeed

The good news is I started quilting the pattern for the magazine. The bad news is I’m not quite sure how to finish quilting it. A hazard of the trade, I suppose.

It’s given me a chance to practice my ruler work, although it also afforded me a chance to practice my marking as well. I enjoy one of those much better than the other, but I need practice in both.

After this gets wrapped up it’s on to a challenge project, design TBD, frankly.  I’ve been fiddling around with some ideas but still not particularly inspired at this time. Maybe that change when I start playing with the fabric, or maybe it won’t. In that chase, it’ll be a 12 x 12″ mini!

WIP Wednesday – Love(ly)

This week I’ve been working on taking care of two birds with one stone: another giant hexagon Belinda sample and a quilt for a new baby!  I finished the top assembly over the weekend, and have spent recent time quilting it.  Rather than rely completely on my usual default meander quilting, I mixed it up with some words.

I’m rather thankful for my 5th grade penmanship award!

WIP Wednesday – Smiley

This week I’m wrapping up the last of the 5 samples for the pattern I’m working on. I have a fervent hope I will finish it TODAY and then I can work on something else. To be honest, that something else is another pattern, but for a magazine! Very exciting.

Anywho, when I haven’t been chained to my HQ Sweet Sixteen, I’ve mixed it up with some piecing.  A friend of mine named HollyAnne, who is a podcast listener/watcher of The Stitch is starting up a new nonprofit called Quilts for  Cure.  Her first project is collecting 10″ heart blocks to make quilts for children undergoing cancer treatment in the Atlanta area.

She’s asking for blocks by Feb 14th, so if you want to make a couple, check out her blog with instructions and how to donate.

WIP Wednesday – Putting the Zig with the Zag

I’m in the throes of pattern writing, and hoo boy am I glad I ended up making 3 versions of this quilt. Each of the subsequent two has proven I made an error in the writing of the pattern, so hoo boy, that is a nice safety net.  And it’s better for potential customers to see a variety of fabrics to help with imagining their own color choices.

Here is the first version (which I put together on pure instinct, obviously, given the pattern errors I found!) under the needle for quilting. I’m hoping to finish the quilting on it tonight and move on to the second one tomorrow.

Now I just have to figure out what to quilt in the white areas. And the yellow areas. And probably the green… !


WIP Wednesday – Pure Adrenaline

We had a little planning meeting (read: group text) about what pattern is coming out next from The Stitch, and one that really only bubbled up to the consideration list late last year is now at the very top of the list and, guess what, it’s one of my designs! And then we decided on a launch date and then I realized I needed to make 3 (finished!) samples for it by next Thursday.

And then I passed out.

While I’m good and fast, and not always in that order or at the same time, I decided that it might be a bit unrealistic, especially since we have a family birthday and my wedding anniversary this weekend, and there’s only so much distraction the Atlanta Falcons playoff game can provide my husband on our actual anniversary.

Eventually I opted to ask for some grace and changed publication date to give me two more weeks, but it’s actually going pretty well and I’ve got most of the pattern written at this point. Having lighting tent set up on the cutting table, however, makes things a tight squeeze.

I will say, however, that the adrenaline from leaping into making 3 quilts in a week is nothing to compared to the adrenaline from hearing a cat start to barf while inside my light tent.

And I’m totally gonna point fingers here, since I was successful is grabbing him and moving him off anything sewing related before the actual barfing happened. This guy…… is on the naughty list.

WIP Wednesday: A Rainbow of Opportunities

Having finished up my En Provence quilt (binding on last night!), I have that slightly empty feeling you get when wrapping up a big project. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, and I know what I *should* be working on, but I got diverted by this group of scraps on my cutting table that I couldn’t resist spreading out to admire.

Rainbow scraps

These could end up as a tablerunner or two, or a donation quilt, or who knows what. Ah, the delightful prospect of a blank slate!