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Jaunty Squares Quilt – Finished!

This quilt came to be because of some leftover blocks from another project.  I framed a 5″ neutral square with 2 1/2″ strips of various fabrics, and them trimmed the 7 1/2″ so the center block was tilted.

Of course, I only had 11 leftover blocks, which doesn’t make much of a quilt!  I complemented with others squares from complementary fabric in baseball and golf prints, and some coordinating neutral squares.  That brought the size up to about 42 x 49″, which is a good size lap quilt for a child.

For the quilting, I did freeform FMQ stars in the middle of the neutral blocks, and a meander to travel from block to block.

This will get donated to DFACs through my local guild!

Sunday Stash – A Thousand Paper Cuts

Well, this week I’m net zero but did finish what feels like a hundred small projects.  Offset that with fabric I purchased for the border of the big project I’ve been working on, and Bob’s your uncle, net zero.

I made two FQ pop-up bins and two Sew Sweetness Kismet Trinket Boxes (only one shown below; the other is on Instagram). Lots of fussy bits, but worth it! I really hated the container my Wonder Clips came in, so the small round Kismet Trinket Box works perfect as a much cuter replacement.


I also finished my mini for the Fandoms in Florals swap on Instagram.  No finished pics until my partner gets it, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. You can see a close-up of some of the quilting here.

I’ve also taken over the Boutique area for our guild quilt show, so I spent some time sorting and pricing items.  In doing that, I’ve discovered some half-finished items that lacked binding, so I pulled from my stash to complete those items.  I’ll probably finish the rest in the coming week as I need an escape from the last-week-of-school madness!

  • Used this week:  4.5 yards
    • 1.5 yd for tuffet
    • 0.75 yd for pop up bins
    • 0.5 yd for Kismet trinket boxes
    • 0.75 yd for swap mini
    • 1 yd for various binding
  • Used Year to Date: 88 yards
  • Added this week: 4.5 yard
    • 4.5 yd for borders
  • Net Used YTD: 15 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 17 yards (19% of total used)

You can see more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

WIP Whoopsday – Little Miss Muffet

I flaked on posting in the actual WIP Wednesday for this because I wasn’t actually finishing this little project until last night!  I signed up for a tuffet class at a local shop, Sew Main Street, for January originally so I could take it with a friend. Due to a Series of Unfortunate Events, really more Jerry-Lewis-French-farce than true disaster, I ended up not taking the class until May.

It’s not hard per se – the toughest bits are pressing the fabrics once they are all sewn together and using the giant pokey upholstery needle to tuft the tuffet with the button. Of course, the benefit of the class is that we had extra help on hand to help with the bits that require manual labor, and the kits came with the foam already adhered to the wood base and covered in batting.

If you’re local to Atlanta and want to make a tuffet, go get the kit from Sew Main Street! The pattern we used was from Erin Underwood Quilts.

Sunday Stash – Mildly Backwards

This week I finished up a couple bag projects: a new class sample/actual functional purse for me to use and a project tote for going to quilting classes. I offset that stash progress with the purchase of some background fabric, however; oh well!

For my purse, it was time to make a new purse after the wear on my old one got a bit unbearable. You can see details on this post from The Stitch, but in general we’ve learned that purses made out of quilting cotton that are used daily last about 20-24 months before extensive wear sets in.  The class I taught at Red Hen Fabrics on Saturday for the Candice Bag pattern was small, but mighty.  I’m pleased to say that all the students finished their purses, which is honestly a first! The one I made to carry myself is the Tula Pink Acacia fabric with raccoons in the back left.

I also finished my Amethyst Bag, which is a Sew Sweetness pattern. I’d been eyeing it since Sara released it, mostly because I specifically wanted something I could hooked onto the handle of my sewing machine tote.  That addition and some adjustments to the elastic tool spacing are the only changes I made; the rest of the pattern went together easily enough, although there is the usually amount of tugging when it comes to birthing the bag right-side out!

  • Used this week:  5.5 yards
    • 3.5 yd for the Candice Bag
    • 2 yd for the Amethyst Bag
  • Used Year to Date: 77.5 yards
  • Added this week: 10 yard
    • 10 yd of light gray solid for stash
  • Net Used YTD: 10.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 16 yards (21% of total used)

You can see more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

Maxwell Bag – Finished!

In lieu of WIP Wednesday today, I bring you a finish! On Sunday I was agonizing(ish) over fabric choices for the Maxwell Bag but I made some change-outs and then just plundered ahead before I could second guess anymore. And then I finished it!

I chose to do the pieced version of the main panels rather than the whole fabric, hence the indecision on the fabric assortment.  Because these main panels are also quilted, there’s another layer of prep involved. That part can be a bit maddening – mostly because I wanted to do something different in each panel and not just straight lines in varying widths, but I did find it easier to leave a couple panels on the Soft and Stable and quilt them as one piece (akin to having them all loaded on a longarm machine).

For the side panels, there are nice deep pockets. I bet you can fit a bottle of wine in there!

On the interior, I think I was on a quilting roll and quilted the interior more than was called for in the pattern. Oh well – it’s not a bad thing but took a little more time than originally planned.

A word about the handles. You start with a thick cording and wrap it with a foam interfacing (a.k.a. Soft ‘n Stable). Then you make a fabric tube and feed the foam covered cording through it; that part was the most tedious and was also prone to things getting skootched out of place. Because the cording frays easily, there’s not a good way to catch it and pull it through with a crochet or similar small hook, so you are literally pushing a rope. It took a while, but was doable. I did find I probably trimmed a bit more than put in the directions on order to have all the ends line up and have enough of the fabric tube left over to appropriately cover it with enough overlap to handstitch it in place. So, in sum, handles are irritating but worth it because they are super cushy and stand up on their own, and won’t drag on the floor!

Sunday Stash – Provenent

This week we got a bit of snow here in the South, enough that some schools got out early on Friday and school was cancelled on Monday.  The temperature has stayed low, keeping the ice on the roads from melting in the shady areas, so better safe that sorry since we don’t have a lot of de-icing and snow equipment in Atlanta.

With that, I managed to finish up a couple projects as part of the Snow Day Sew In (#SDSI on social media).  First up was the paper piecing unicorn portrait, “Vinnie Does Beyonce”, after my mascot for The Stitch TV Show.

Vinnie Does Beyonce Unicorn Portrait

It was also time to finish up the En Provence mystery from Bonnie Hunter.  Rather than use all the blocks in a single (huge) quilt, I took 4 of the blocks to make a donation version through my guild.  Since that was smallish, it got whipped up rather quick and is now finished:

En Provence Baby Quilt

And, of course, I also worked on the BIG version. So big I had to baste it in my kitchen, where I have the biggest hardwood floor space available.  I think this is around 84 x 65?” Roughly twin size, anyway.  Here it is being basted:

En Provence Twin Quilt

It’s now quilted, but my arms are killing me, so I’m going to wait to bind it until tomorrow evening. Whew!  Check out other quilters’ versions of En Provence on Bonnie’s link-up Monday!

  • Used this week: 4.25 yards
    • 0.75 yd for Vinnie Does Beyonce mini quilt
    • 3.5 yd for Small En Provence
  • Used Year to Date: 4.25 yards
  • Added this week: 0 yard
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used YTD: 4.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 3.5 yards (82% of total used)

You can see more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

Sunday Stash – Second Verse, Better Than the First

I had a bit of a panic this weekend as I realized I’m travelling for work this week but wanted to get a new shop sample done for Red Hen for our You Spin Me Right Round quilt.  It turned out great, and I really love the look of the unplanned scraps compared to the more rigorous planning of the first version on the pattern cover.

You Spin Me Right Round Quilt
You Spin Me Right Round Quilt
  • Used this week: 7.5 yards
    • 6.5 yd for You Spin Me Right Round v2.0
    • 1 yd for storage bag
  • Used Year to Date: 295 yards
  • Added this week: 0 yard
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used YTD: 179.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 106.75 yards (36% of total used)

See more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

Hipster Kitten Quilt – Finished!

In the absence of regular posting because I’m focused on The Project That Ate September, here’s a quilt a finished a couple weeks ago!

Hipster Kitten Quilt

This is the Hipster Kitten quilt, so named for the fabric (which you can’t see) that had kittens wearing chunky glasses and bow ties. Rather than meander all over, I went for a cross hatch design for the quilting design.  The rest of the fabrics came from my scrap stash to make a nice soothing palette.

“Quilt Number 65, Friendship Number 100” – Finished!

Well, finally here is the finished Kaffe Fasset quilt I made for Lynn. If you’re not familiar with my “quilt number” concept, it’s a number of a perfection scale of 1 to 100, where 100 is a perfect quilt, like you would enter into a show. Each project I work on has a target number – how well my piecing seams align, evenness of quilting stitches, quality of binding, etc.

Quilt Number: 65, Friend Number: 100Not that I wouldn’t love to give Lynn a 100 quilt, but I wanted to give her something to celebrate the one year anniversary of our show, The Stitch.

The quilt is a one-block quilt design carried out in two fabric arrangements to make the design. Sewing corner to corner is not my favorite (or most efficient method) for piecing, but it was a necessary evil in the instructions for the longer pieces.

Quilt Number: 65, Friend Number: 100The end goal was met, though, and Lynn loves the quilt, so all in all it’s a successful project!

The Stitch TV Show Pattern Shop Launch!

I started this draft as the launch party was winding down at Red Hen and we were gearing up for the onsite taping of the July show.  We’ll have even more exiting news that will come out in the episode (releasing July 28th), but for now… here are quilts that my nerdy little hands personally made from our pattern launch:

Stripper’s Knot

Lynn designed the original, and I made the simplified version from a layer cake:

I also made some other versions you can see on the official blog over on The Stitch TV Show blog (tabletopper and tablerunner sizes).


This is one of my designs, inspired by my Ted quilt from a couple years ago. I love the fabric palette here, and still love the technique of sewing all the scrappy bit together to make the accent border.

image copyright 77peaches enterprises LLC

Time After Time Table Runner

We had a spirited discussion whether “tablerunner” is one word.  To me it is, but Webster is a tricky old devil and disagreed with me, so I lost that fight.  Since we have instructions for four table runners, Lynn and I divided and conquered, making two each.  I got autumn and winter, so I designed a leaf applique and a thread painting design.

image copyright 77peaches enterprises LLC
image copyright 77peaches enterprises LLC

And now I’m busily working on the next pattern for hard copy release, as well as another for online, plus customer service and various other business responsibilities. Whew!  I’ll talk more about the launch party on this week’s podcast, and the awesome cake we had, because what is a party without cake?