HtbaS – Episode 239

This week I tackle some of my first garment since sewing my wedding dress 15 years ago.  I made the Sutton Blouse from True Bias, and talk about the construction process. Here’s my submission for America’s Next Top Garment Sewist Who Photographs Skeptical Bathroom Selfies (it’s an elite group).

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  1. I’m curious as to why the seam was put at the front. Do you think it’s essential to the design? Could you leave it out and adjust the pattern so as to put it in the fold? Just curious. For the record I listened to you this morning while still in bed but fell asleep so re listened to it to catch the bits I missed whilst dozing as I cleaned up the kitchen. Having overnight guest so had to make the house presentable. Hope he doesn’t want to watch TV cause it’s in the rumpus room which is now my sewing room….

  2. Nice job on the blouse, odd there is a seam in the front but it is not obvious in the picture so job well done. Glad your daughter is off to a good start to the school year. Having a smart daughter that has a sense of humor that is not always understood by others is a familiar place for me. They manage to survive and mine is thriving in the adult world as a mother, wife and professional woman. As are you! I am guessing you have incorporated with Lynn. I am excited for you both and look forward to the upcoming news 🙂

  3. Listening to your podcast while son is at rec center playing dodgeball (with crochet, as I don’t have any electricity just sitting and waiting)…I can totally relate to the feeling of dread when the school calls! I don’t think I have ever had a good call from the school.

    I’m a fairly new listener, and assumed you didn’t have kids, because you get so much done…and also have a job! I have a job, 2 elementary-school age kids, and I’m in awe of how much you manage to complete!

  4. Re: scraps: I know you need to be inspired, but you might want to look at this pattern: I like it and am cutting for it (too lazy to cut up my scraps on a regular basis). If you want more info, contact me offline.

    Can’t wait for your big announcement. I hope I’ll be able to listen as I’ll be in college orientation. Didn’t know I was going back to the future, right? 😉

    I haven’t read the Invention of Wings, but read The Secret Life of Bees and didn’t find it to be a palette cleanser. I don’t read ‘bugs eating off your face’ stories, so I am sure it is for you. Did I mention Sarah Addison Allen. I like her book The Girl Who Chased the Moon.

  5. Could you please post a like to the Facebook group? I searched under twillter but was unable to find it. And like the blouse – considering making one for my daughter who is an ICU nurse and has said several times she wishes she could live in her scrubs. 🙂

  6. Like the blouse, looks great to me. But hey, that coming from someone who only alters store bought clothes and has only sewn a Maxie skirt from scratch.

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