WIP Wednesday: Paws-ing for Reflection

This weekend I finished the top for the Good Mews auction donation quilt.  To complement all the cat heads I made some paw prints for the border.  And of course I pieced the back – I had a range of long strips of various browns and creams that pieced together nicely.

I’m choosing to show this instead of what’s currently under the needle, which is a half-finished shirt I hope to get done tonight.  It doesn’t look like much right now, which I hope changes when I actually put it on!

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5 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Paws-ing for Reflection”

  1. Had Rhombus-I”LL BUY YA A BEER AND PIEROGIES My question is what exactly is a one square wonder can you post a pic? also can you describe your journal cover more?

    Peace and Light to you-
    trish the triangle

    p.s- i love the book reviews too

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