HtbaS – Episode 259

This week I talk about what’s coming up in the next few months for me (and how collaboration is forcing me out of my quilting rut), working on the Bonnie Hunter Allietare mystery, doubting choices you make in quilting, and why I shouldn’t binge watch some TV shows.

Here’s the tutorial for the hexagon caddy from this picture of Nina and my Allietare blocks.

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  1. Oh my, I thought I was weird. (Well…)
    I do the same thing you described when you spoke about taking on the atmosphere of your surroundings. I’m a Gemini, so I’m not sure how that plays in. I pick up the moods of whatever I’m immersed in, whether it’s a book, film, or crowd of people. Maybe we are true empaths and we have to be careful and protect ourselves. I even find myself accidentally adopting the accents of others if I spend too much time around them. I enjoy stories set in England and I find myself actually reading in my head in a Britsh accent. Weird. Harry Potter and Doctor Who marathons are interesting in my house..

    Btw, when Allietare came out, I googled the pronunciation because it was driving me nuts. If you remove the exaggerated Italian accent and say it like an American would, yours sounds perfect.

  2. It was good to hear you sounding like you again today. I was worried last week because you sounded a little blue. I know it’s a struggle to maintain your podcast weekly with all the other things you juggle…I just wanted to say thank you for doing it weekly for so long. I always look forward to hearing your voice and your stories :). Looks like I will miss you in Vegas by one week again! It would be great if our conferences overlapped one year and we could actually meet (gasp!) even though we would both be over being around people at that point lol. Good luck on a crazy few months!

  3. Hmmm…maybe a Cancer thing since I am so much the same, as is my daughter. I always thought of it more as to how we behave, but I never thought about it affecting our mood or outlook on life. See, not just quilting and cats and math but philosophy, psychology, and astrology too! You are just a fountain of inspiration and knowledge. ;o)

  4. Just listened to the latest episode and enjoyed as per usual.
    I thought that I had better give you a heads up in light on your problems with binge watching. In the latest series of “The Great British Bake Off”, which finished here just before Christmas (so you may not have access to it yet) there is a contestant called Nadja. Absolutely lovely person and she is in every episode(just saying so that you’re warned but not giving anything away). Anyway she pulls faces like no one that you have ever seen on TV. The British papers watched for it every week and actually did a feature on it at the end called”The many faces of Nadja”. Given your issues you might want to warn family, friends and colleagues before you watch it. On reflection – don’t warn your colleagues a bit of ammunition never goes amiss.

  5. Okay, so here is the thing. No joke, you have my favorite podcast (and yes, I too was glad to hear you sounding like yourself again this week). I am saddened that you may go to a bi-weekly format. I know that it is unfair of me because you are doing so many admirable things but, for me, selfish I know, I listen in the car because that is pretty much all the spare time I have. I have little time for videos and tv, etc. There are so many quilty podcasts that have faded that there are few non-interview ones left on any kind of regular timeline (even Off Kilter has scaled back, 🙁 ). I really looked forward to my Friday update, and you make me laugh. I get it, I do, but it makes me sad.

  6. Thanks for doing the podcast. You are awesome. I like hearing what you are doing and your thoughts on life, quiltmaking and everything. It’s free content; do whatever you want. I will keep listening however often you post a new update.

    OK. I am going to rant about raffle/opportunity quilts for a minute. Are these quilts artistic expression or a way to make money for the guild. If the latter, then the artistic part is not getting the job done for most of the raffle quilts I have seen. The most successful raffle quilt I have seen recently was a SF Giants t-shirt quilt. It was not just rows of t-shirt blocks, there was some design in it, but it also wasn’t filled with complex blocks of applique’. The guild made $1800 in one weekend at the county fair. I don’t know how much they ended up making overall, but that amount was no slouching amount. My guild’s raffle quilt netted about $400. I think the problem is that these quilts are marketed at quilt shows and quiltmakers attend the quilt shows and don’t want another quilt. I often donate money to the guilds, but don’t fill out the tickets. I make my own quilts, why do I need to win a quilt? I am just wondering if the whole concept is misguided and ruled by what has been done in the past?

    Please note that I am not dissing any of the fabulous workmanship or design. I just wonder if those artistic endeavors wouldn’t be better appreciated in a different venue?

    Yes, still #podcastdeliquent. You know that whole thing you talked about re: being busy. Aside from reading a lot, I have also been swamped.

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