HtbaS – Episode 157

We are in the throes of the Black Friday Sew-In, and I ramble through my fitness update, feedback, and what I’m working, and then catch up with a Very Special Guest.  We compare Thanksgiving stories and holiday traditions, and everyone decides it’s not a wise idea to play Spoons with one’s relatives.

4 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 157”

  1. yay. I caught up on all the podcasts and got to hear two of my favourite podcasters together on one show. It was lovely to hear you both chatting away. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia so it is a fascinating insight into another culture. We had an exchange student from the USA back in 2007 and she couldn’t believe we didn’t celebrate it! She cooked a few dishes for us so we could celebrate it… but she said it was very weird. Bit like my daughter who lived in Malaysia as an exchange student for a year and had to go to school on Good Friday and Anzac Day, which is our major commemoration of men and women who served in our armed forces, especially those who died (its April 25th)

  2. Okay, you gave the first name of your guest and she was awesome and I’d love to hear more of her but…what’s her podcast? I assume since she has one because she had her own tag line…or is she a well-known blogger only? In any case I feel lame because I had no idea who you were talking to and I felt like I was supposed to. Did I miss an intro?

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