WIP Wednesday: Snow and Sunshine

UntitledI think things are returning to normal finally. I’ve been able to get serious time in the sewing room and get my sewjo back, and cut out all 2,880 pieces for the center of my parent’s king size quilt (plus about 5 extra in case I miscounted).  I also got the cutting done for the pieces for the Snowflake Garden wallhanging (pattern shown to left of giant mound of cut pieces), which is for my in-law’s.  I also got the wool applique pieces cut out and fused together into two large sections.

I am prepared to sew! I also got the finishing instructions for Jingle this week, and am going to fancy up the setting triangles for the center medallion just a bit to give it a little more interest, and just need to draft those out. Then I anticipate having a pile-up of epic proportions.

UntitledThe cats approve of sewjo and sunshine. And cuddles. LOTS of cuddles, particularly at night when I have a bank of cats snuggled against me in bed.

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3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Snow and Sunshine”

  1. Congratulations on all of your cutting. Love the photo of your cats–aren’t all cats hilarious? I don’t dare leave fabric lying around flat on my cutting table, or sooner or later, I find a cat sleeping on it.

  2. So it’s 2880 for just the center medallion? Holy cow! Are you going for a record number of pieces in this one? :))) I like the idea of little basket used as a divider inside of the bigger basket. Someone is REALLY organized 🙂 Even though Morelli’s face is a little terrified :)) Or is it just his face? 😀

  3. Ooops, I didn’t look at the large picture, and it was Nina, and her face is not terrified when zoomed in. Cross that sentence please! 🙂

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