WIP Wednesday: The One With The Chaos

So this is what my pre-retreat cutting table looks like.

State of the Sewing RoomI wish I had my work cut out for me, because then I could move directly on to piecing! Alas, I have more cutting to do.  I do want to work on that new purse project today and maybe finish it (HA HA HA!), and finish the prep for the “Christmas Present Parts” before retreat.

But I have the most important part ready for the Saturday night bonfire.

UntitledWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

4 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: The One With The Chaos”

  1. Your photo labels are so funny. BTW I want to follow your blog on Bloglovin’ but it says it can’t retrieve your posts!?

  2. I had to click over when I seen the bag of marshmallows.
    I will be attending my first retreat in June and I can’t wait! It’s not an overnight stay one, but we will work for 2 days.
    I want to start now getting all of my projects into their own bags. Who knows, once I get organized maybe those projects will be done before June. LOL

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