Sunday Stash: Jingling All The Way

Well, I finished Jingle late Friday AND in time to show off at guild. But there were only 10 other people there (bummer!) and now it’s raining so I can’t take good pictures at the moment (double bummer!). And it’s supposed to rain for the next three days, too! Mega bummer. I do have another guild meeting to take it to Thursday (different guild!), so I’ll take it off the wall then and will try to photograph it outside.

Also at guild meeting, we had a member destashing so we all got to browse and of course I brought some home!  I did decide since there were some Christmas prints I picked up that I would make pillowcases for my daughter’s class auction this month.

  • Used this Week: 13.75 yards
    • 9 yd for Jingle
    • 4.5 yd for 4 pillowcases
    • 0.25 yd for two pincushions
  • Used year to Date: 390 yards
  • Added this Week: 6.5 yards
    • 6.5 yd of various fabric from guildmate destash (4.5 of which used for pillowcases)
  • Net Used for 2013: 198 yards (so close!)
  • YTD Used for Charity: 144 yards (38% of total used)

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3 Replies to “Sunday Stash: Jingling All The Way”

  1. Raining here too, but ice is forming. Prayers not to lose power!! What a great idea to count yards used during the year, especially on charity work. Think I might try this for 2014!

  2. not raining here. Hot hot hot. It was over 35 a few times this week… 105 in your temps. My air con is on and chugging away so life is bearable. Hoping to get a tie quilt that I am working on completed today. Have said that a few times these last few days and still just got one border to go. Sigh. Your stash use is amazing. Wondering how huge your stash was to start with that for 2 years now you have reduced it by r 400 yards. Fabric is so much more expensive in Australia. Was listening to a podcast some time lately where the discussion was how much will you pay for fabric since it is going up so much and people were balking at $12 yard. Oh my… that is cheap cheap cheap for us here. It is regularly between $20-30 per metre. Hence not so much just buying a whole line cause its newly out… Some people do still have huge stashes though. I am thinking of doing a stash count in the new year. Wondering about being sneaky and not finishing a couple of things till then so I get to count them and get myself off to a good start. 🙂 Loving listening to you each week and even reactivated my Twitter account so as to be able to follow along with you and others there as well.

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