HtbaS – Episode 165

I catch you up on SNOWMAGGEDON in the US South, my week away for work, my work on Scrapitude with a vague tease about a pending funny story about it, and a lot of talk about food because I was pretty hungry when I recorded this. Join us this weekend on twitter for the Sportsball Sew-In!

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 165”

  1. If you’re looking for TV show with strong women, check out “Killer Women” on ABC with Tricia Helfer. She is a strong character and a good person.

  2. Re: mitering borders: I was at the quilt store yesterday and saw something called the Quilter’s Boot (, which supposedly helps make mitering fast and easy. Hhhmm. You know how I feel about fast and easy related to quiltmaking. Anyway, I haven’t tried it, but would be happy to go back to the quilt store and buy you one and send it along OR you could just look for it yourself in your local area, which might be faster and more cost effective. I know the issue is really lining up the stripes and my only advice there is to go ahead and deal with the fabric being slightly off grain (back with a light interfacing or stitch around the edges to stabilize) in order to line up the stripes. I assume you know this, but thought I would throw it out there.

    As an aside, I first searched for Quilt Boot and Dr. Google has assigned a lot of black boots to quilters. Hhhmm. I don’t wear boots, or even shoes, when I am quiltmaking so not sure what that means?

  3. Here I am obediently commenting again on your podcast so that people can get my blog link. Thanks for the the shout out. my blog is suffering from sideways photos. I read up on how to fix it (thankyou Mr Google) BUT my brain hurt reading it. I am going to resort to asking my daughter aka fangirl to help me fix them. Mean time… look at it sideways

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