Triple Threat Nine Patch Baby Quilts – Finished!

My guildmate Judi mentioned this Super-Sized Nine Patch pattern at our January meeting when we were discussing charitable sewing as a way to make quick, simple baby quilts.  The basic idea is that with three yards of fabric, and two cuts, you’d get fabric cut for three quilt tops.

Giant Nine Patch Baby QuiltsGiant Nine Patch Baby QuiltsI ended up using some girly prints for mine, and they turned out pretty cute.  The pattern calls for sandwiching right sides together envelope-style, rather than traditional binding, so they went together very quick.

It works great with big prints, although I don’t seem to have a lot of those in my stash.

Judi also pointed out that instead of 3 yards of fabric, you could use 3 fat quarters and make placemat sized tops, so I might try that for some Meals on Wheels placemats this year.

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  1. the baby quilts turned out nicely. I’ve used that sew right sides together method when making banners for church. Yours look neater than mine… you have to cut and sew straight for the best results. 🙂

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