Star Wars, Return of the Quilt: Finished!

At long last, the final Star Wars quilt is DONE! I finished it during the Black Friday Sew In yesterday (thanks for entering the giveaway - the winner has been notified by email!).

The layout is the same as the previous quilts - applique center panel with a logo border and surrounding “pictures”.

Perhaps you’ve heard that the Millennium Falcon is my favorite ship ever, so of course that’s what I put in the center of my own Star Wars quilt.

You can see a bit of the lime green thread I used to mimic the hyperdrive jump in the starfield.  I have a thicker thread I would have loved to use, but my machine gets cranky about it so I had to stick with the Aurifil, which quilts like a hot knife through butter.

Of course the only way to improve Han Solo is to surround him by cats.

Star Wars, Return of the Quilt

I still love C3P0 being crushed by the tires in the trash compactor on the prison level.

Star Wars, Return of the QuiltBonus shot- I had some leftover ships I had prepped to use on a previous Star Wars quilt, but they weren’t working out the way I wanted. I used them instead to make a subtle new nametag for my guild.

I think Morelli has as big a crush on Han Solo as me.

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  1. Ok, Miss Head Rhombus, fantastic finish! I love your MillenniumFalcon 🙂 Now after the explanation on one your podcasts I can even recognize it in your header. Impressed? 🙂 You did a great job and did finish it fast I should say!

  2. Torie’s DD here - the fact that someone even made Star Wars blocks for sale in the first place tickles me pink, and seeing this come together warms my geekette heart.

  3. I am looking for the applique pattern, where did you get it I want to make a wall quilt for my new grandson

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