Sportsball Sew-In Round Up

I meant to post this on Monday but I forgot to in the strum unt drang around Nina’s injury, so here it is, better late than pregnant!

First up are the two Saturday Sampler blocks for February:

I found it amusing that the Going Coastal block is pretty much the same block I used in Tricky Stars. Not funny-ha-ha, but funny-huh-small-world-where’s-my-coffee.

I also finished 3 out of my target 4 nap mats for Q1, and did some new to me quilt patterns for them.  These are the perfect size to practice new designs - small enough not to be overwhelming, but big enough to give you a chance to make it look good by at least the second half.

I did have reservations about the design on the top mat - I tried the “all over leaves” pattern from Angela Walters first book, but I’m afraid some of my leaves are a bit to narrow and look like… lady parts. Click the picture to go to Flickr where you can scrutinize to your heart’s content (if you’re pervy).

And finally, here’s the finished Rainbow 16 baby quilt. I just went with a narrow 2″ border around it, so it’s 40″ square, and backed it with a plaid fabric.  I straight line quilted it on the diagonal, and will be donating this to Project Linus.

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  1. I love your rainbow quilt and envy your neutral scrap stash. I have a stash full of rainbows, but no neutral - had to buy them for my Bonnie Hunter workshop (boring - neutrals not Bonnie). I like the small projects for practicing quilting patterns - very good idea and the cats won’t care if they look like lady parts. I didn’t click through, although I consider myself relatively pervy ;-). Now if you had quilted manly parts…

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