HtbaS - Episode 182

I give the Memorial Day Sew-In round up, which included charitable sewing and some crafty things like the iron caddy and Sew Together bag.

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  1. Hey Pam, meant to comment about the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books by Betty MacDonald for your daughter. A bit of fantasy, a bit of learning and lots of fun.

  2. Hey Pamcakes! (ten points if you get the movie reference) I don’t like Sticher either. I don’t get it.. And I have no room for another app that does the same thing the first app does. Meh.

  3. Hi, Pam! Great podcast, as usual. What is it with cats and plastic bags? Ours wants to chew on them, too, and she recently discovered bubble wrap is just as tasty.
    So was your daughter creating a #madquiltscientist workshop for you, or did you find Dexter’s Lab in the basement? We’re dying to know!

  4. thankyou for your podcasts each week. I really appreciate hearing them so regularly each week and the occassionaly mention. I am such a showoff. 🙂 I used up all my batting scraps (yes we tend to use batting and wadding - both mean the same thing) in frankenbatting. I made enough for 2 large cot quilts and for a 74″ square quilt. One is pinned but the other two yet to be done. I felt really good to empty my scrap bin out. Of course once I trim up these quilts then I will have a heap more in there.

    Yes we want the results of what your daughter did in the basement. Photographic evidence by preference unless it involves blood. Then we don’t want to see it.

    My cat doesn’t eat plastic bag but my crazy dog destuffs toys. He chews a tiny hole in them then pulls the stuffing out. We get white fluff all over the back yard and a limp toy animal. My dogs prefer soft toys to more traditional dog toys. He doesn’t destuff them all and doesn’t destuff all of them ie he takes it out to a certain point it seems… must like them limp.

  5. I won’t finish any quilts by June 11th for Daisy’s challenge because I will be gallivanting around visiting family and friends for my birthday! (which is June 11) I will be turning 21 (for the 6th time cause I ain’t getting older damn it!) so no time for quilting sigh!

  6. Still catching up on your episodes. It is amazing how fast your life scrolls by when I listen to all of your podcasts at once. 😉

    I was thinking about color schemes when you mentioned the Quilts of Valor people wanting generic color schemes. What do you think of pink and brown if it is more brown than pink? Does the pink make it automatically feminine or could it be considered generic in any way, shape or form if there is brown in it?

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