HtbaS - Episode 209

I talk about the year-end stash wrap up, feelings, fancy quilting, and give a few tips (and explanations) on Christmas morning packaging.

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  1. Hi Pam, I have not listen to this podcast yet but I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I enjoy your weekly podcast. I can so relate to all the life adventures and the quilting that you do. It is so nice to hear you every week! Thanks and have a wonderful 2015!

  2. I am so inspired by your charitable contributions. Your creativity and generosity are rare as well as admirable. I have been enjoying your podcast and wanted to thank you for the giving of your time and talents to the quilting community. My feeling is that it is all about the giving and sharing, not the number of yards in or out. That’s what makes you endearing to others - the measure of yourself. Happy New Year and Best Wishes, Suzanne

  3. I feel sorry for all those Barbie Dolls being shrink-wrapped and rail- freighted and shipped away. And then to be confronted by a maniacal child at the end! No dognity - no dignity whatever.

  4. Thanks for sharing all of your end of the year stuff and also things. I was interested that you chalked up some of your reduced quilting numbers to stress; before I listened I would have guessed the exact opposite. Since quilting is so therapeutic, I thought you might have “needed it” less this year due to some other stress busters - exercise, a more challenging/interesting job, and appreciation from your boss, etc. Huh.

    One of my favorite things about your podcast is that you talk so honestly about how you’re feeling and how it affects your life, but you also share concrete actions that you take as a result. It always makes me think.

    I hope 2015 is spectacular for you!

  5. Welcome 2015! I enjoy your podcasts and really enjoyed this week’s infomercial on packaging and the travails of traveling toys. I do not worry about why I make what I make anymore. I please myself, help others and get stuff done when I get it done. I am hoping to get more charity items out the door in 2015 but time will tell. Thanks again for taking the time to do the podcasts so we can all share in life.

  6. I was fascinated to hear the logistics behind the annoying twist tie packaging. It was a real ee opener, and after learning all that I will look at packages with less annoyance. Also the Christmas tips were great (even though I have no small kids myself). I just wanted to let you know I highly appreciate all the information you give in your podcast throughout the year, and you’re a joy to listen to with tears, and laughter, and all! Best of luck with your back to healthy life journey Pam! Keep us posted! :))

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