HtbaS - Episode 258

Welcome to 2016! Sadly, there are still no jetpacks. I talk about my year-end stash report numbers, free motion quilting the Harry Potter quilt, and being the neighborhood lush (not quite).

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  1. Hello Pam! I have been listening to the pod cast for about 6 months! I love it! I am a new quilter from New Hampshire and I appreciate what your doing for us quilting people with your pod cast and the stitch TV show! I would like to know what leaders and Enders are though?? Hopefully thats not a stupid question! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Pam. I woke up very early morning, decided to listen to your podcast, and got in on the free block of the month with four hours to spare. Do you use a special paper-piecing material?

  3. Glad the end of the HP quilt is in site. It was interesting to hear that the HP quilt was so disruptive to your quilting for most of 2015. I know you like your numbers but really as long as you make yourself happy whether you finish 1 quilt or 20 quilts matters not to us.

    I do not paper piece because I struggle with doing something upside down and backwards but applaud you staying the course and finishing the quilt. I look forward to the photos! I have enjoyed seeing the bits but am curious about the quilted whole.

  4. Yes, still no jetpacks. 🙁

    First, thank you VERY much for linking to my tutorial. I am a rabid bag maker (I sincerely dislike wrapping gifts with paper, tape, etc and it is one thing I am bad at) and think everyone should make bags for their gifts.

    Next, I can’t believe I missed 5 episodes PLUS all those The Stitch episodes. I am such a #podcastdeliquent. Don’t feel bad as you are not the only one. Frances, Sandy, everyone got ignored while I read 12 books in January. I am back now and we are moving forward.

    I am with you on weird piecing. Not having a quarter inch foot on my machine slows down my progress as well. I know what you mean. I used some fabric to make gift bags in the leader and enders method without a quarter inch foot and that made me feel better.

    Yay! I am glad you are not thinking about what to do with the quilts you make anymore (or at least for that moment on Jan 1). I know it is an issue, but you can’t stop quiltmaking, right? Again, I am right there with you.

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