Sunday Stash - New Year, Old Finish

This week, I’ve just about finished the Harry Potter bookshelf quilt, which I am counting because I only have about 30 minutes worth of binding left on it and I’m pretty confident I can knock it out tonight.  I’ll take pictures of it this week, I think, since the weather should be clear if cold.  You can see my Instagram feed from this week for detail shots of some of the quilting. Fair warning - I sewed through my fingernail this weekend, and while there’s no pictures of it, there is a picture of the bent needle, which is quite impressive!

I also had block pick up for Saturday Sampler this weekend, so here’s the latest Sparkling Gems (with bonus Morelli toes as he was walking into the shot) and the first block in the new program, which I am doing in a 30’s fabric selection:

Of course I’ve also been working on my Allietare blocks, which Nina is helpfully modelling to show how the orange and teal looks together. See Bonnie’s blog for more sample pictures!

The serendipity of scrap projects is the hidden gems you get when you’re piecing blocks together:

I should have the Allietare top put together this week - all the borders and binding are cut, and the blocks and borders are pieced, and the back is designed.  I’m also working in EQ7 quite a bit on another project that I hope to make some progress on as well.

I did have a little bit of intake this week as I picked up backing for another quilt near completion and a Edyta Sitar layer cake that was on sale 50% off, so I couldn’t pass it up!

  • Used this Week: 13.5 yards
    • 11.5 yd for Harry Potter Project of Doom
    • 2 yd for storage bags
  • Used Year to Date: 13.5 yards
  • Added this Week: 8 yards
    • Backing fabric and layer cake
  • Net Used YTD: 5.5 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 2 yards (15% of total used)

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8 Replies to “Sunday Stash - New Year, Old Finish”

  1. You are really cranking them out this week! Will going back to work slow you down? I somehow doubt it 🙂 I totally agree with your comment on the joy of working with scraps. I get so many happy feelings as I work with my scraps and interesting bits pop up, or memories of other quilts for loved ones. All I’ve managed to do is start cutting for the newest Scrapitude mystery. Someday I shall sew again!

  2. Love your colors for the MQ, gorgeous turquoise and a kitty same color as mine. This MQ is such a beautiful design, I look forward to seeing your blocks together. The Harry Potter quilt will be a winner.

  3. I love the giraffes marching across the block! I really like this years MQ. It will look really good in your color way. Have a great week back at work!

  4. I see Nina with an oversized pair of amber coloured sunglasses - just to dial the haughty French model stare down a notch or two.

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