WIP Whoopsday - Dirty Seattle Chicken

I was very smug about remembering to take the picture, but missed the crucial step of actually posting it!

I’ve got four rows left to sew into the center, and ideally will get of them done tonight and finish off the top tomorrow.  I did manage to finish the back and binding so it’s ready to go when it’s time to baste!

The gray-ish tone of the neutral fabric I went with makes it look a little dirty and grungy, like my flannel phase in college with a soundtrack of Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Seattle grunge music scene has made it into this quilt name: Dirty Seattle Chicken.

4 thoughts on “WIP Whoopsday - Dirty Seattle Chicken

  1. Very cool quilt! On another note, your archived episodes are keeping me company while I cut, piece, press, quilt, etc. You are HILARIOUS! I literally “laugh out loud” at the things you come up with! One of my faves so far is when you were talking about the only way adults would run around in the backyard is if they were chasing someone with an ax, or being chased by someone with an ax!!! Too funny!!!!

  2. I agree, I want to borrow your brain when it comes to naming my quilts! I can’t wait to see this one quilted! Are the edgea supposed to be cut straight when the top is done?

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