The Stitch - Episode 107 Audio Only

This episode, Pam and Lynn talk about organizing your stash, modern versus traditional quilting, and pieced backs.

This is the audio-only version of the video on YouTube. See show notes, photos, and more available on The Stitch TV Show page!

NOTE: This audio-only version of The Stitch is replacing my usual weekly HtbaS podcast; I’ll be back solo next week for the usual geeky fare!

2 Replies to “The Stitch - Episode 107 Audio Only”

  1. I enjoyed your show today. As always, good advice in a fun fashion. My stash is a hopeless jumble in plastic boxes. That won’t change. When I want fresh fabric scraps, I head for a different box and cut the fabric in there to the needed sizes. I swear, I think my scraps multiply over night. I have made a number of scrap quilts, but the stash is still abundant.
    OMG, help me out here….modern or not? I did a block of the month quilt with civil war fabric (beautiful, BTW), but I pieced the back! Does that make it the best of both worlds - traditional on the front, modern on the back? There is not a solid piece of fabric in it. The backing was the same leftover fabric from the front. My 5 year old granddaughter says the pieced part of the backing looks like a ladder. I love that kid.

  2. Glad to hear Lynn say to press seams to the side! I’ve heard Annie Smith say the same thing. There are so many modern quilters now who are teaching to press the seams open. Their quilt tops may be flatter than mine, but I keep thinking mine might last longer.

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