HtbaS - Episode 268

This week, I talk about what’s been going on the last couple weeks, my experience with fusible applique, programming a custom blanket stitch on my Janome 6600, and Skirtapalooza.

Today’s Podcat is Morelli!

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  1. Let me know if you need a particular kind of fabric. If I have some small pieces or scraps, I am happy to share.

    Sometimes quilting by checkbook is the best option King sized quilts are a good example and if you keep this quilt for your bed for a long time, you may be happier not saying to yourself “DOH! I should have sent this out!”

    I have also found that my Roxanne’s tip gets clogged. I tried everything, going so far as to buy some super, super fine wirey stuff. Nothing helped. I ended up opening the bottle and using it with a Q-tip, which kind of defeats the purpose of the superfine tip.

    Based on the photo above, I think Morelli needs to lay off the wine. 😉

    Look for part 2 of my comments.

  2. For glue basting I really like the tips sold at Purple Daisies (2 for $10). Once I stopped trying to clean mine after every use for fear of clogging and just left them on the bottle, I virtually never have a clog. On the rare occasion it does clog, a straight pin poke opens it right back up. Super fine tip, works great! Been using one tip for a couple years and only just recently had to trim it because I got a little iron happy and it melted a bit.

  3. I am finishing up the podcast so here is part 2 of my comment. Had a lot going on this week, so didn’t get to it before you posted #269: I remember growing a lot all at once and my mom sewing interesting 70s fabric on to the bottom of my jeans to make them longer. Needless to say I wasn’t even close to being in the ‘in’ crowd. Thanks for at least acknowledging that your daughter needs longer pants. (I get it that actually getting to the store is a completely different issue!)

    I think your son would probably look good in frilly socks and patent leather shoes. 😉

    I definitely get it that very few people can look good in leggings alone.I always wear something over my leggings. I think there is an element of people not knowing how to dress appropriately and not teaching their kids coupled with media images of anorexia thin models wearing, for example, low cut shirts and leggings. Seeing that imagery on TV seems to mean it is appropriate for all to wear. I am glad I have a boy, frankly.

    Chipper is not on my list either. I know everyone is fawning over them and I may buy some half yards or FQs of certain prints, but they just aren’t my style.

    I wonder if putting fusible in a Tupperware or some kind of sealed enclosure would help keep it from going bad? I know that sounds crazy because I have a 4 foot roll of Softfuse and I don’t know of a Tupperware large enough. It was just a thought.

    Yeah, Kona and applique’ = bad times. You have to get a fabric that is tightly woven, which I am sure you know.

    I have a brand new roll of Softfuse and the glue part started to come up as I was beginning to work with it. I think it is a ‘feature’ of the product, though it can be a hassle. Tweezers and a dental pick helped.

    Hearing who all is gong to QuiltCon Savannah makes me want to go as well. While there are farther places in the US from me Savannah is pretty far so I will have to think about it.
    Have a great week and thanks for podcasting!

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