WIP Wednesday - No Longer Hunkered Down

I’m looking forward to neither using nor hearing the phrase “hunker down” for a couple weeks; Hurricane Irma passed through my area, and we lucked out and only had a steady rain with minimal wind gusts at my house. School was cancelled for a couple days to prepare for the worst, so I’m quite happy that the kids are back in school today.

Since we never lost power, I’ve made some progress on other donation quilts.  First up is the rainbow unicorn one:

And also the pastel floral one:

I should point out that while Irma didn’t wreak much havoc, Hurricat Nina did sweep through.

3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday - No Longer Hunkered Down”

  1. She does look quite pleased with herself.

    Nice donation quilts! Simple yet effective. I can’t believe you still have fabric. The amount you sew, I would have thought you would have been out by now!

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