HtbaS 344: One of Us is Quilting

I go over some recent challenges in my sewing room, and how I’m going to try to overcome them. Books reviewed below (link via Amazon Affiliate program): Stay in touch! Follow my personal Instagram @Pantsfreesia, or my adventures with Lynn @TheStitchTVShow.  Or join us on Facebook in What’s Up, Stitches?

5 Replies to “HtbaS 344: One of Us is Quilting”

  1. Pam, I have never had any luck using a twin needle on my janome 6600. It always gets messed up, no matter what I do.

  2. Love your podcasts- ( not sure why). But you need to put yourself first. Ha - I’m willing to give up your podcast for your sanity. I must add reluctantly. I don’t know how you do all the stuff you do!!

  3. Remember me? Look for an email with some explanation. I just listened to about 8 months of your life in two days. I hope to keep up now that I am caught up. I think taking a break is fine. You are doing a lot. I do enjoy your podcasts and hope you will be able to find the time.

  4. P.S. I should have waited to send my comment, because I am still listening to this podcast and I had other thoughts.
    1. I thought you were an expert garment maker. Didn’t you make your wedding dress? I have a tutorial from Crafty Gemini to make a knit shirt.I have the fabric, but haven’t started the project yet. Tell me I can do it. If you are having trouble, I am more scared than I was.
    2. From an old episode: I listened to Crazy Rich Asians on audio. I had some trouble with the voices of the older ladies in the story. There is something about the tonal sounds that grates on my nerves. I am not sure if I can listen to the other two. After your reviews, however, I might try.
    3. Joys of home ownership: you have had a lot of house issues. So sorry. We are doing some work, too, but the stuff right now is optional. We got an electric car in July for local trips and we want to install a charger so the charging process takes less than 13 hours. 3 or so weeks ago, however, a tree in our front yard blew down in a giant wind and rain storm, so we had to get that dealt with the same week as our garage door broke and our gate broke (same wind/rain storm). Yeah. Home ownership. A Joy.
    4. You are truly amazing with your home fixing skills. I trimmed one of our backyard trees and was pleased with myself. Definitely do some YouTube videos on fixing your house when you have a spare minute. 😉 You are not a ding dong.
    5. Did you sell the train on Facebook Marketplace?
    6. Did you hear Google+ is going away?
    7. I miss your Head Rhombus moniker. Perhaps I am just in a nostalgic mood?
    Take care.

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