The Stitch TV Show 422: Judges’ Comments and Quilt Photography

In this episode of The Stitch TV Show quilting podcast, Pam and Lynn read out the judges’ comments from their guild quilt show, and also talk about tips for photographing quilts.

This is the audio-only version of the YouTube video, produced as a quilting podcast. See show notes, links to the various things we talk about, photos, and more on The Stitch TV Show page!

3 Replies to “The Stitch TV Show 422: Judges’ Comments and Quilt Photography”

  1. I love taking picture of quilt but I only want a straight front shot … Not into the stylized shots because I want to see the quilts not the other stuff.

    When I take pictures at guild I try to get straight on with no people but I do edit people out…. especially if I post to social media. I am so invested on getting a good shot of the quilt … I pay NO ATTENTION to the people and most time it is an unflattering picture of the persons in the shot. Drives me nuts when the holders let the center of the quilt droop … YES I know their arms get tired but I want good pictures.

    At quilt shows I dislike getting the top of the quilts with the clips … and light showing through the background.

    These are just my thought on photographing quilts…. Good show ladies … enjoyed it….


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