WIP Wednesday – Scatterbrained

This is why I try not to have so many WIPs going – I feel like I can’t concentrate on anything. So instead I’ve been working on more placemats to donate.

More charity placematsThis batch uses some fun FQs (top left), rogue blocks from one of the first challenge quilts I did for the AMQG (top right), more strings (bottom right), and buffalo bits from my Salty Eyed quilt (bottom left).

I’ve got a couple other rogue blocks to use up. That is, if I don’t get aggravated with the whole process and chuck them in the scrap bag to stuff into a pet bed. I’ve made 15 placemats, so I think I’m good on those!

Here’s a cat sleeping on a frog.

A cat sleeping on a frog.

Dresden PlateI’ve also been contemplating what to do with my Dresden plate pieces from my workshop with Edyta Sitar. We cut out pieces to make 8 Dresdens, but I’ve got one completely pieced into a circle, and 5 more in quarters. Another set is pieced into “twosies”, so it’s just a matter of figuring out how I want to lay them out into a wallhanging.

To be honest, it’s sort of low on the priority list, but I should probably add it to my Finish Along goals for Q3.

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3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Scatterbrained”

  1. Do you have a pattern for pet beds that you like to follow? I know I need to calls local shelter for specific dimensions, but I’ve never been clear on how full to stuff them, what shape is usually used, that sort if thing. My trimmings bag (a king sized pillowcase) is just about to overflow, so I need to do something with them soon, and this is the idea I see most often. If you do something else with those tiny bits, I’d love to know what! Thanks!

  2. How about making a medallion quilt for the Dresden? You can put the completed blocks in the middle surrounded by the quarters in each corner. Nina is adorable on that giant frog! Like she says: Hello, I’m trying to sleep here!

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