HtbaS – Episode 154

It’s the chillycast! I recorded this under two quilts because it’s pretty chilly in my house right now.  I do manage to talk about books, fitness goals, cutting, sewing, and cats. You know, the usual.

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  1. Why not make some more of those little zippy pouches for the holiday sale? A few could be kittie themed but they wouldn’t all have to be.

  2. Craft sale ideas….mug rugs! Pick your favorite quilt square, make it in a 5 or 6 in size and pillowcase it so you don’t have to mess with binding. Also, lanyards are pretty easy to make, hardware available at Jo-Anns. Have fun making whatever you make, no stress! Thanks for the podcasts. As a kitty owner myself, I enjoy your cat antics.

    1. I second this. I love holiday or season themed mug rugs. They’re cute and inexpensive and should sell well at a craft show. I myself would buy some to brighten up my dreary desk right now if I could! 🙂

  3. I’ve been listening to a batch of your older Podcasts, from this summer. Anyway you mentioned depression, a silent disease. I know you have mentioned it before, bit today I am close to the computer and able to write. You’re not the only one looking for the “beast” around the corner, or wondering if he had snuck in already without you noticing it. It’s something I have struggled with for at least 20 years. I went off meds about 15 years ago, but that only lasted until my daughter was born. Sometimes it’s depressing to still get depressed when I’m taking anti-depressants…sigh. You seem to be doing really well, and are an inspiration to me. I love listening to your podcasts because they always make me feel good. I think someday I can get to the point I can I accomplish as much as you do. You and the other podcasters have all helped me dig out the sewing machine again and start making things again, which makes me feel better.

    Let me know if you figure out why it’s easier to finish things in quilting life than in muggle life. I am still struggling to get the PUD bill paid, even when the money is sitting in the checking account. It drives me nuts that I have so much trouble managing “life” stuff. Well take care and keep your head up. I’ll keep mine up too. I think of you when my brain is wandering and I am falling asleep standing up. Please keep the podcast up, it is greatly appreciated by me and I am sure many others.

    I also love hearing about your cats, i lost my number one helper cat, who loved to press the poot pedal of my viking,and watch the needlle go up and down. Since then my daughter fouhd a badly abused, and almost starved cat on the streets of Snohomish. She looked like a kitten she was so small, but turned out to be an adult who had already been spayed. Someone hurt her badly when she was young, her tail is broken in several places, including at the base, and she can’t move it properly. It kinda twitches when she’s mad, and she HATES our big boy cat, Teddy, who is obsessed with her. We’ve got things worked out pretty well, she LOVES my daughter, really the only person she always loves, and she lives in Cassidy’s room. We try not to let Teddy out when she’s out. It seems to be working.

    We also recently inherited my roommate’s ex-wife’s cat, Max, who is 13 years old, and came from the litter of a stray that showed up one day, had a litter, and disappeared again once the 4 kittens were weaned. I kept 2 of them and they had 2 of them. Max is the last one left. Spot, the other cat Rox had, recently had to be put down because of some kind of cancer, they think. Max was lonely being the only cat, with someone who didn’t pet him much, and she finally took us up on our offer to take him in, which brings us to 5 cats. He get’s along with all of the cats, his only fault being he whines too much. He is such a sweety, and he doesn’t too it as much anymore, plus he seems to have picked me as his human and helper cat. He had never seen a sewing machine or serger before moving here, and is fascinated with them. He hangs around with me constantly, and always sleeps with me. Except Precious, the rest of the cats sleep with Donna, who is the elderly lady I take care of. She’s a little jealous, but she does have the attenion of 3 cats!

    She has Teddy, the huge orange marmalade who is obsessed with Precious, Midnight, who is a tuxedo who is nicknamed Killer, because of the number of mice she kills, both inside and out, and Charlotte, who is nicknamed Pudge, because she is always somewhat overweight, but in the winter it is much more pronounced. The cats do nothing but sleep in front of the wood stove and Donna’s heater all winter long. Leaving only long enough to eat and give me a reason to clean the litter boxes. Charlotte is one of those cats who seems prone to any kind of pest like worms, ear mites and fleas. I have to use extra wormer and flea treatments on her,and clean her ears regularly while diatomaceous earth works for everyone else. She is also the most likely to come up with an abscess, even if she’s not going out.. I am lucky she’s a patient cat, Precious (who’s nick name is Viscous) would shred me if I tried to do everything I have to do to Charlotte at least monthly. Last year she blew up like a balloon, and we though she had a blockage, and the Vet said it was worms. Most cats get skinny from them, but she gets bloated. She does have some kind of intestinal problem too, which they haven’t figured out. I just have to give her kitty laxatives when she starts to bloat, along with worming her. Anyway, my point I am so long in getting to, is Donna has those 3 cats almost exclusively, so I think it’s ok for Max to stay out with me. I was hoping one of them would pick me, since we all know a cat chooses their person. He likes me even though I am the medicine administrator. I guess workinng in a pharmacy means I am the closest to a doctor.

    I love all of our kitties, and am glad we have the ones with behavior and medical problems, as I know they are beinng taken care of, not ignored or put to sleep. The give me, and my daughter and 2 housemates, our little blended family,so much joy, they are worth whatever I have to do to keep them happy and healthy. We also have a large, 75lb german shepherd/retriever mix, who hardly even notices the cats, except to try and steal their food or attempt to get some “kitty roca”, both of which we have managed to make impossible for him, especially the roca thing.

    Anyway, keep up the kitty stories, and I hope I haven’t bored you to death with mine.

    Thanks for the work you do for us,

  4. I too have a design floor, but mine is worn-out carpet rather than hardwood. A design wall is a nice idea for when the children leave home, but not until then.

    Have fun on your Retreat.

    From your Virgo friend, Torie

  5. PS For work clothes, I recommend Coldwater Creek. The sales are VERY good, and if you have one near you, they are very helpful with getting you into the right sizes. They are not the Garanimals store for women, but their clothes do play nicely together. Their pants do run long, so I need Petites for my 5’4″ height.

  6. I found that the Loft has nice basic pants that are really nicely finished (no raw edges and no serging visible). I like them because they come in 3 styles (Julie, Zoe and some other girly name) which denote amount of curve and not size. I recently bought four pair of black pants in Julie (curvy) to replace my falling apart work pants. They claim to have them in different lengths and colors all year long. I pair the pants I bought with a black jacket I had from another suit I bought where the pants have seen better days.

  7. Re: Small things to make for Good Mews. The Little Wallet pattern by Valori Wells is really fast to put together and GREAT for gift cards at Christmas.

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