Weekend Sewing Wrap-Up

This weekend was Saturday Sampler pick-up at Tiny Stitches, and I just completed the two for this month.  The final block for Royal Gardens means I can fill in that hole in the center of the quilt top I put together at retreat that was just missing the last block.

Royal Garden block 12 Saturday Soirée block 6
Celtic Solstice step 2

I also got my step 2 for Celtic Solstice put together. I did press all my right sides one way (toward the white) and the left sides to the yellows so the seams nested.  I then pressed the center seam open to reduce some of the bulk.

Next up I’ll be working on a baby quilt and waiting for more mystery quilt along clues!

5 Replies to “Weekend Sewing Wrap-Up”

  1. You have clue 2 finished and I haven’t managed to pull the fabrics from my stash yet. I have a Christmas gift to finish this weekend then I can start Celtic Solstice.

  2. they look beautiful. You have been busy. I have been working on my tie quilt which is now pinned and ready to be quilted and two Christmas projects… wall hanging completed and a larger wall hanging I’m in the process of pulling the threads through to the lining. Tedious. I am avoiding quilting the tie quilt so might even get the third Christmas wall hanging done…. well Christmas is coming before my cousin’s birthday so that is justified

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