WIP Wednesday: Snowpocalypse Edition

SOwly Imageso this happened in Atlanta. 2-3 inches of accumulation in a town not equipped to handle it means incredible traffic jams as all schools and employers sent everyone home all at the same time.  Most of my friends and family are safe if not quite home yet, but I’m hopeful they might all make it home by tonight.

Since I work from home, I don’t have the luxury of a snow day, yet my kids and husband are home with me today. I did manage to get the center put together for my parents’ quilt Monday, and I’m also working on the Scrapitude center, which I hope to have done before I go to bed tonight, with a plan for what to use on the back.
Owly Images

9 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Snowpocalypse Edition”

  1. Dude! You have crazy, mad, fast sewing skills. You should teach a class on speed piecing. By the way, I am loving how your parents’ quilt kind of shimmers…very cool indeed.

  2. Since you are immerse in Snowpocalypse, I don’t think you have time to make quilted covers for your pipes. Perhaps bits of leftover batting will keep them from freezing. Hoping everyone leaves you be so you can work!

    Love the turquoise and chocolate. Remind me of the pattern?

  3. Your quilt looks great, Pam! We have similar snowfall in Richmond, VA, and though we are better equipped than you, our last 3 inch snow closed schools for a week! My son has only been in school 11 days since Christmas. They canceled midterms exams as well. Happy, happy teenager on computer game overload.

  4. gorgeuos quilt. Will you be surprised to hear that there is no snow here in Queensland Australia? I thought not! We do have a Cyclone hovering off the coast and expected to cross the coast in the wee small hours of tonight. Hope it settles down as we fly out tomorrow (its still well north of here but just saying…)

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