WIP Wednesday – Unending Neverendingness

I’ve been trying to be good about slow quilting and enjoying the process and all that mature, highfaluting stuff other grown up quilters talk about.  I was being good, really, but there is a certain point one reaches when using the same size pieces for leaders and enders and you think, “There is no end to these fabric pieces. Surely, they are multiplying, growing new pieces out of the lint and trimmings.”

Saturday Soiree sashing pieceAnd then in a flurry of “EFF THIS AND THE ROTARY CUTTER IT RODE IN ON”, I gave up on the slow quilting and powered through the piecing to finish these sashing pieces for the Saturday Soiree blue and white quilt.

There are 48 of these stinkers, which I think means I sewed together about a frillion pieces on the bias. It is no wonder I ate half a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup minis last weekend with all these crazy seams. On a happier note, I grudgingly got on the treadmill and burned off the Reese’s weight as of this morning.

Special interlude by some MoMo toes.

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  1. Bah to Bias. I have decided I don’t like paper piecing because I have too much bias stretch happening. Maybe I need lessons in how to place the fabric so it doesn’t end up that way. Dunno. I am walking off Dove Truffle hearts for the same reason.

  2. So I just found you through Freshly Pieced. I love the “eff you and the rotary cutter…” comment. Hysterical. People often are shocked when I use the eff word… but sometimes it is just necessary… especially in quilting. Love the strips you’re making, btw.

  3. great job (again) Me I’ve been sewing squares this week… well strips that got cut into units that got sewed together into 9 patches… 350 9 patches… is a freaking lot of squares. I like triangles at the moment… they aren’t squares

  4. Some projects lend themselves to leaders and Enders not so much these sashing pieces. Bias is no fun any time but when you are rolling through them you get a rhythm going that works better than a few here and there.

  5. I did that whole slow down and enjoy the blah blah process last year. It was part of my theme of the year.. This year I’m sewing as fast as I can, and as much as I can. Finish finish finish!

  6. When you started talking about the sashing strips, I knew it was that Monique Dillard pattern. She loooves complicated sashing, as per my Twitter pix of black and white sashing. Her patterns are worth it, but it’s a lot of work.

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