HtbaS - Episode 162

After a discussion of loinfruit, pants, and whether I can still fit into clothes that are 20 years old, I finally get around to talking about sewing vests, mailboxes, and quilts. I also talk about a 2013 wrap-up, and how much 2013 quilting compared to 2012.

2 Replies to “HtbaS - Episode 162”

  1. great to get your podcast. I am all caught up on podcasts now and so hang out for the new ones. The advantage of coming in 3 years after you start meant I had a lot of listening to get through which I thoroughly enjoyed. Yes I am ozzypip on twitter πŸ™‚ Maybe I should just change it on here too so as not to cause confusion

  2. The simple vs. complex quilt question, I think, depends on what makes you happy. If you make something out of love, that’s more important than how technically complex it is. I say make what you enjoy!

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