WIP Wednesday: Shiny and New

Welcome to 2014!  In some ways it’s much like 2013. For example, cats still sit on stuff I’m trying to use. In this picture, Jett is resting on a quilt top I’m piecing to donate to charity so I can start 2014 sewing off with a charity project.

I was also terribly excited to wake up to news that I won Lori’s giveaway for the Boxing Day Sew In! And that Bonnie Hunter posted the finishing directions for Celtic Solstice! I have my work cut out for me today for the New Year’s Sew In on twitter.  Follow along using #NYSI!

And here’s pictures of a little project I just finished this week for my daughter.  I don’t know about other parents, but I get really tired of saving shoeboxes to decorate for Valentine’s Day exchanges at school (and decorating them), so I found a tutorial to make one using plastic canvas for the structure.  I had a couple sheets of that in my stash from dabbling in plastic canvas just out of college. Side note: plastic canvas lasts at least 20 years without breaking down!

My daughter picked out the fabrics she wanted, but I think it would be really cute with patchwork for the exterior fabric.  Perhaps I’ll make one for my office or the house to take complaints. And put one of those springy snakes inside it so I won’t have to take complaints. Cook for yourself if you don’t like what’s for dinner!

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  1. LOL do people actually complain about dinner at your house? :))) tell them to get life! 😀 The mailbox is a great idea for her Valentine mail with the movable flag, which is adorable! :)) Lucky Bloomer!

    1. I rarely get complaints for dinner, but when I do it’s from the kids because I cooked something “grown up” for dinner they don’t like, like roasted chicken or something that focuses on meat. Neither of my kids are into meat textures quite yet, although they do like chicken wings, so we’re getting there!

      1. My kids would like to put in a formal request for you to come and cook their dinners, since I never was much of a cook. They like meat, vegetables and anything else you’d like to serve up 🙂

  2. Love the mailbox. I hope you will bring it for show & tell. I am making pillowcases for charity today. I miss having cats sit on stuff I need to use. They are such good helpers :-). Enjoy your sew in today. I will be sewing between spurts of cleaning and catching up with mail etc from being gone for 10 days. Happy New Year!

  3. The mailbox is totes adorbs. My kids are too old for this, perhaps I should have more babies so that I can enjoy all these new nifty things to make for them.

  4. Yes the mailbox is very cute. Valentines Day isn’t such a big deal here so I wouldn’t have a use for it but I can admire it

  5. I’m with Philipa, love the mailbox…and I can’t imagine what I would use it for (no kids here, the husband and dog no better than to complain 😉 There’s a nice sense of freedom knowing I can leave a really great project in the dust as I kareen to the next!

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