HtbaS - Episode 173

I talk about the best gift I’ve ever gotten on twitter, how feelings are dumb, what I’ve been sewing this week, and walk through the tutorial on my little Charm Dude.

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  1. Just so you know, I am not tired of your feelings, but I have remarked to my husband that I am sick of hearing myself talk about my own feelings this winter. So I hear you there. Bleurgh.

    You mentioned your daughter wanted a Minecraft quilt. My son had the same idea and I made him one with a tree and a cloud and earth blocks. There is a picture on my blog. I also made a few that are just a square Creeper face for gifts (also on my blog). The Creeper would be easy and popular with the kiddos.

  2. I haven’t listened to the entire podcast yet, but wanted to stop and leave a comment.

    Re: Teacher gifts. In general: blergh! Apparently, though, those of us who make stuff also make teacher gifts. I made teacher pillows. I don’t do it anymore, because the Young Man is in high school, but it worked out pretty well for grammar school. The resource teacher got about 5 pillows, because she worked with the Young Man for about 5 years. You can read all about that on my blog, if you haven’t already.

    You may have already decided, but awhile ago, I found a pattern for notepad keeper ( that I thought would be good for gifts. I haven’t made it yet, but I thought I would pass it along.

  3. There is nothing wrong with having and chatting about your feelings. I think it has been a long, dark, cold winter and when the sun shines we will all feel better. I love the Charm Dude :-). You need to make a few for sale (hint, hint). I ma looking forward to seeing your parent’s quilt in person tell them thanks for letting you share.

  4. 1 more thing, thanks for the reminder re: Lazy Daisy’s UFO challenge I posted 3 finishes yesterday.

  5. It does seem as though you’ve had an emotional winter, but you’ve had a lot going on. Switching jobs alone takes a lot of mental energy, never mind the other stuff.

    For the thing at school, I love the idea of bringing your featherweight. It would also be cool to bring pictures of your more modern machine and of the longarm you are so lucky to use. I think the kids would get a kick out of the fact that the machines have gotten fancier, but the basic mechanism still works the same way.

    I’m with you on the wedding dress, too. Pictures will have to be good enough!

  6. Enjoying your podcast as ever. You probably feel like you talk a lot about your feelings cause you don’t get direct feedback at the time… the very nature of podcasting is that you basically talk to yourself for half hour - hour or however long it goes and that in itself can seem very self indulgent and egocentric and self serving but its not. So many of us out here in the podcast listening vortex love listening to our podcasts. We do get very involved in your world (or the bits that you share with us) and we are talking back to you… in our heads (when I’m jogging) or out loud if I am listening at home (as fat grey haired old lady shuffling down the road I get enough weird looks without talking to myself as well) You know what is good for your mental health better than we do. If talking about things helps then keep doing it. If you feel that you are just going around in circles and in the process magnifying whatever it is that is bugging you… move on and talk about something else. We are all happy to listen and if we aren’t we can go listen to something else. Its your podcast. Do what you need to/want to do

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