Saturday Sampler: “Trust Me”

Today has been an interesting day; we had block pick up at Tiny Stitches for Saturday Sampler, and we were all warned to pay attention, follow the directions, and to not drink alcohol while piecing the block for Mum Medallion. You know with a preface like that it’s going to be interesting!

It lived up to the promise however - rectangles turning into triangles, weirdness abounds, but the tiny miracle of piecing and following the directions yields a pretty good looking block!

(Side note: I did not consume alcohol while piecing, but feel like I might need a drink now that it’s done!)

The 11th block on Saturday Soiree turned out pretty good with some standard flying geese and HST techniques.  I also picked up the second part of the finishing kit to make some setting blocks so I’ll get starting cutting and piecing those units while working on Scrapiduex, the second Scrapitude quilt I’m making.

4 Replies to “Saturday Sampler: “Trust Me””

  1. I see why they said pay attention. You did a great job and earned a drink. Glad it was just 1 block but makes you wonder what the next month’s block will be.

  2. I was wondering about the same as Ella. How big are the fabrics in the kits? I think you mentioned miss cutting one of the blocks and having to make an adjustment a few months ago. Your blocks look AWESOME, surprise, surprise! I really like the fabric choices in both of them and that star with the flying geese is very intriguing!

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