Sunday Stash - My Quarters are So Fat…

I appear to be a bit behind a number of things and I’ve just remembered I need to post Sunday Stash.  Whoops. Two quilts finished this week, with pictures coming soon.

Also, Tiny Stitches is moving this week and ran a BOGO fat quarter sale just for the Atlanta Modern Quilters Guild after our meeting so I paid attention to the warm tones (yellow, red, and orange) and added to my stash.  The yellow in particular will come in handy for the Bonnie Hunter mystery, although I still haven’t finalized my color choices ! I’m excited to see their new space since it’ll be a bit bigger have more windows and a bigger classroom.

I did make progress on cutting my Scrapitude pieces, so that’s moving things along as well.

The rest of the weekend was spent on the baseball field in freezing temps and windchill Saturday morning with just a mild chill this afternoon. My son’s team was the regular season champs, and they’ve now progressed enough that they are playing in the championship game on Monday night.

  • Used this Week: 13 yards
    • 8 yd for Lone Starburst
    • 5 yd for Split Nine Patch
  • Used year to Date: 307 yards
  • Added this Week: 4 yards
    • 4 yd of fat quarters
  • Net Used for 2014: 194 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 114.75 yards (39% of total used)

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One Reply to “Sunday Stash - My Quarters are So Fat…”

  1. only 2 quilts finished this week… oh dear… lol. I haven’t had a finish for a while BUT expect one this week (whee… nearly finished my Jean’s quilt) Not sure whether to say congratulations of commiserations re your son’s baseball success… more nights out in the cold. Brrr. I could say its been chilly here but you would laugh your self silly at the temps I am calling cool… but hey I’m in a tent atm and its been unseasonally cool where I am (back home in Central QLd they are having a heat wave and 170km from where I am they got snow! I’m in Victoria atm… ANyway… well done with your finishes. I am thinking I will do scrapitude but can’t do any prep till I get home in another month by which time it will be crazy Christmas prep …… ho hum

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