Stardust Mini Quilt - Finished!

I showed a sneak peek of this a while ago, and now that the swap with my guild has happened, I can show the official finished mini!

This is a block that I had designed in 2011 as part of a Modern Block of the Month for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild, and I hung on to it because I did really like it although the fabric is not really to my taste.  I found it a few weeks ago while sorting through stuff for postcards, and decided to make it a smidge bigger (16″ square now) and turn it into the mini.

Since the block is interesting, but rather minimal for an entire quilt, I went a little nuts with the quilting.  I wanted comet trails to come off the star points to emphasize the trail of squares behind the star, so I started with those wavy lines.  Then I filed in between the lines with various fillers like feathers, pebbles, paisleys, and something I call folded feathers.

I drew out the cross-hatching to pre-cede the star, and ended up free-motioning the lines. It worked okay for this small project, but I can’t imagine trying to FMQ straight lines on a larger quilt.


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  1. There are a couple of quilts that have mad quilting in the new AQS issue. I think you would get inspiration. Do you subscribe to that mag?

  2. WOW! What beautiful quilting, Pam! I have a little quilt, can I come over and we can quilt together?

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