WIP Wednesday - Fancy AND Schmancy

I’ve been working on the Broken Lone Star quilt, and have made a fair bit of progress.  I started with some flames in the center medallion.

And then added some smoky bits in the background area with some helpering.

And then added the “cool” flames.

And last night I finished the smoky bits in the outer background. Now for the final touches just outside the outer smoky bits. Which I haven’t figured out yet.

I’m also working on quilting Mum Medallion, so here’s hoping I can finish one of these before the bell tolls midnight on 2014!

12 Replies to “WIP Wednesday - Fancy AND Schmancy”

  1. Well. I always thought your quilting was just a fig leaf to cover the opportunity to chat away so entertainingly in your podcasts ( I almost wrote podcats). I never thought it would be so accomplished. I don’t know if I am disappointed or not. I had somehow hoped for a “hot mess” - such a commodious phrase.

  2. Stunning! Can’t wait for the full reveal. And I’m too lazy (wait, that’s Daisy!) to go to stash report post and comment there but I love how you used the conventional way we count to assuage any feels about mot hitting 200. Rock on.

  3. Always enjoy your podcasts. You ability to care about numbers amazes me. I seldom know what my banking account is (have never gone over), can not and care not to memorize zips and phone numbers. Love and appreciate those who do. Your latest quilt is lovely!
    shelly beth

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