HtbaS - Episode 211

I run down current sewing, the Scrapitude mystery, pickle juice problems, and some book reviews.

Here’s my Scrapitude Scrap in a Box Step 1 progress - my colors are reds, browns, blacks, and grays with scrappy creams for the background.


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  1. I too just got a dresser off our FB yard sale page. It’s for my sewing room, to put more stuff from bins into drawers. It had been a TV console for them and as we moved it into place I made a delightful discovery — it’s the perfect height for a cutting table! So not only is my room less cluttered, now I’ve moved my cutting mat off my sewing machine table onto its own spot, which is a much better height for cutting. Serendipity!

    And imho, refinishing brass pulls will be a giant pain. Just head to the hardware store and buy new ones.

  2. Just to clarify…. When I said I was back, I only meant back to listening, not back to recording. Life hasn’t allowed me that much room. Or to be honest - I’m way too selfish for that. Maybe someday but not at this point in my life. I certainly missed listening to you and many others so it’s nice to hear y’all again.

  3. Nice job on shedding those holiday pounds in no time at all! But I totally get the hungry/irritated mood. Around here we call it “hangry” or “South Bitch” depending on your attitude about carbs.

    I have to agree with Holly about the drawer pulls. There is a solution other than refinishing them or living with them!

    As for work hugging, it is awkward but I am a guilty one. On my first day here my boss greeted me and I impulsively hugged her. I’m still mortified thinking about it. Luckily she’s a huggy, friendly person so I don’t think I did any damage to my long term career prospects (ahem).

  4. I can’t wait to see how everyone’s Scrapitude turns out. Mine is totally scrappy, so seeing that you are going with a color theme sounds interesting.

    I’ve never been a work hugger, at least with adults. I teach first grade, so I actually get lots of hugs at work! My current boss is a hugger, and I love her like crazy, so I go with the hugs cuz it makes her happy. I’m pretty ok with going with the flow!

    I can’t believe how quickly you shed those holiday pounds! I can gain fast, but it takes forever to lose. Great job! I hope your body has adjusted to the lower amount of food so you aren’t feeling so hungry anymore. It’s hard to stick with that long term.

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