Sunday Stash - Rainbow Bright

YOU GUYS. I just have to put the binding on Lone(ly) Rainbow and it’s done!  I finished what I hoped was the final bit of straight-line quilting on the outer parts last night and posted a picture to Instagram asking the #twilters if I was done.  I had contemplating adding another row of straight-line quilting in between (the lines are 1″ apart now, and was contemplating making them denser at 1/2″ apart instead), or maybe doing perle cotton hand-quilting in between, and everyone responded that I was DONE. So I just need to bind it and it’s done, and I’ll get that done today so I’m being optimistic and including it in this week’s finishes.

I’m going to do a “palette cleanser” charity quilt next (so called because I can mindlessly piece and quilt it without getting angsty over how to design or make it), and then move on to finally getting back to the Dresden Garden quilt.

I also whipped up 6 journal covers for Wellspring Living this week, but donated them before I could take pics, so that’s in the usage as well.  While I was helping my friend Crystal organize her fabric yesterday, so gave me some patriotic fabrics to use for some Quilts of Valor, which is great since my red and blue stashes are a bit low.

  • Used this Week: 7.25 yards
    • 1.25 yd for 6 journal covers
    • 6 yd for Lone(ly) Rainbow
  • Used year to Date: 35.75 yards
  • Added this Week: 1.5 yards
    • 1.5 yd patriotic novelties
  • Net Used for 2015: 30.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 15.25 yards (43% of total used)

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5 Replies to “Sunday Stash - Rainbow Bright”

  1. Ditto to what Robin said! Can’t wait. I have a question. If you are given fabric (didn’t purchase it yourself) why does it have to be included in the tally? Yes I know it’s in your stash now but you didn’t buy it to put in said stash so in my thinking it should be excluded from the count. Just a thought. Does that make any sense? Oh never mind….

  2. Your quilting choices here are fantastic! I’m glad you decided to stop where you did. The space between the lines seems in proper proportion to the swirls. Nicely done for sure.

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