WIP Wednesday: Frilly

It’s rare that I do an overtly “girly” quilt for a number of reasons: I’m not overly girly, my daughter isn’t super girly, and I’m conscious that in charitable quilting, boy quilts are often not as “cute” as girl quilts. As a result of not doing girly quilts, though, I still seem to have a pile up of pinks and purples pile up in my scraps.

To use up some of these in a not-too-cutesy quilt, I made a number of these blocks from the book Scraps, Inc.  It’s worth noting my background corners are slightly bigger than the pattern calls for because of the sizes I keep my scraps in, and thus my petals are “pointier” than originally called for.

They’ll be set on point with alternate spacer blocks in some of the same whites, and thus I will have one of my first charity quilts for the year!

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9 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Frilly”

  1. What a nice project. I have some fabrics I want to use up (I think they go together) and this would be a great way to use them up rather quickly. Perhaps I shall “steal” your idea.

  2. I like the block and your scrappy is looking good. Did you adjust the size of all the block pieces? What size were your scraps?

  3. Love that design! I totally picked up that book after you did a review of it. It is cool to see a project come to life from it. And, while I do not consider myself a girly girl, I am totally digging this color combo. It is happy. 🙂

  4. I totally love this pattern Pam! And I guess with all the baby quilts and various projects you accumulate the pinks and purples. Specially if you don’t use up the scraps to make girly quilts. How big is it gonna be? I can’t wait to see it all quiltex with the negative space in those white squares, hope you’ll do some of your fabulous swirls, or perhaps try out a new pattern.

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