WIP Wednesday - Blockhead

A new year means a new Saturday Sampler program at Tiny Stitches! This program is affectionately known as “Solid as a Rock” by the shop because it features (get ready for it…) solids.  We have the choice of white, black, or gray background for our blocks; I had originally chosen gray to push myself in a more modern direction.

Then I flaked out and went with white.  I’m not sure that I *need* a solid quilt, but in contemplating that idea (because apparently 2015 is all about Feelings About Quilting for me - sheesh!), I decided that never stopped me from buying fabric or making a quilt, and I was going to be at Tiny Stitches on Saturdays anyway for the other program.

Maetha, the shop owner, said, “Solids really give you a chance to show off quilting”. There were a bunch of groans, and I think I made a weird face because of course while I can do fancy quilting, the pressure to do Fancy Quilting isn’t necessarily something I was looking for (see above re: FEELINGS).

Anywho, all that to say I made a block. In fact, I made two since I had the next Bonnie and Camille one, too.

I’ve also been working on finishing the second Grand Illusion quilt.  I didn’t plan on making two, but I ended up breaking the elements up from one giant quilt into two smaller ones (a 60″ square baby quilt and a 72″ square couch quilt).  Here’s the 72″ one, without block sashing but with extra borders.

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3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday - Blockhead”

  1. Hey Pammie-Wammie! Oh I bet you love that one. Quilts with solid backs are what made me rethink my all over lines crossing everywhere quilting approach. The grand illusions quilt is pretty awesome. I love busy quilts.

  2. Interesting comment that solid fabrics allow one to showcase the quilting. I guess I never thought of it that way but I can see the point. I am also not a solids gal but red and white does pull at my nostalgic heart since I remember a couple red and white quilts in my Grandparents’ home. Nice stuff!!!

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