HtbaS - Episode 214

I talk about sewing together some “made fabric” from a series of scraps and other sewing I’ve been doing.  I’ll post the picture of the made fabric when I post the picture of the finished Purple Star quilt, so look for that this weekend!

Fred would like some more attention now, kthxbai.

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  1. Still behind, but closing in.
    Question: if you work on someone else’s round robin, do you count that fabric as part of your usage even though you aren’t finishing anything?

  2. enjoying listening to your podcast. Hope your trip to …. where ever it is you are going (Brain fail for now) goes ok and that you cope with lack of sleep , strange people, strange beds and too much social interaction for your liking. You can do this! Poor old Fred…. love that he has a simplex!! Our Jack dog is usually the life and soul of the party but at a bbq we had here last night the energy of the 3 little kids wore him out and he had to hide under my chair to get away from them

  3. Re: Ep.213 - I know I am going to make you crazy by commenting on episode 213 on the episode 214 post, but….well. It is what it is. I am almost caught up. Whether I will stay caught up remains to be seen. I didn’t get noise cancelling headphones and my longer commute goes through a tunnel that produces such loud train noise that I will blow out my eardrums if I turn the sound up that high. Sorry.

    I think it is good to be thinking about quilting a piece even if you don’t have the top together together. It is a design element in a quilt, so it makes sense that you would let those thoughts roll around in your mind.

    It sounds like the book you read about Queen Levanna(??) - the prequel about the moon - is similar to the Maleficient movie.

  4. Re: Ep.214 - Yes! I am now caught up!!! If you come to SF, I will take you out and show you a good time (good food, perhaps some wine, quilt shops, no clubs or bars unless you want them). Make some time. The kids will be fine! Just a warning. Our Young Man is playing a concert at Disneyland April 5-10 or so, so we won’t be home then. Please DO NOT tell me that is when you are coming. If it is, I will find some people to show you a good time. I will be disappointed, though.

    Regarding your presentation on process. I agree that you can’t say “you have to understand your process” even though it is true. What you can say is be prepared:
    1. Prepare for the next step when you end your sewing session so you are ready to go the next time you have a few minutes.
    2. Leaders and enders really help accomplish more
    3. Cutting your scraps into usable pieces, e.g. your method or Bonnie Hunter’s or their own, OR having a way of using the weird scrap shapes and sizes, like my mosaic piecing technique (making new fabric from scraps)
    4. Gathering stuff for a project together before you are ready to start it, so it is all ready when you do start it.
    5. Having supplies on hand, e.g. favorite sewing thread, fusible, if you are fusing, etc
    6. Making binding when you finish the top. That for me is crucial because I get so irritated if the entire quilt is quilted and then I have to make the &^%$ binding. UGH!
    7. Have the stuff you use frequently nearby, eg I have some snips, pins, etc right next to my sewing machine so I have what I need right where I need it.
    8. Have a go bag. I use this to take places - Sew Day, etc. - This is duplicates of many of my supplies, so I don’t have to pack and unpack every time I go to sew. Yes, it takes time to collect duplicates of all that stuff and that is fine. It is a goal towards which to work.
    9. etc

    I guess the theme is to be organized.

    (feel free to use whatever you want -or nothing- from the above!)

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