WIP Wednesday - Doomishness

By the skin of my teeth, I have something to show for WIP Wednesday!  Here’s today’s Harry Potter bookcase block from the Project of Doom.

I forgot to take a picture of it before I sewed in with the rest of row 1, so it’s attached to the glasses block from last week.

Off to quilt something else! See more WIPs at Lee’s blog.

5 Replies to “WIP Wednesday - Doomishness”

  1. I always wait until the very end to rip out the paper. It is a big mess, but my thought is that I want to keep all of those bias edges as stable as possible for as long as possible. I was interested in you ripping them as out soon as you were done with the blocks. ARe the outer edges of the blocks on the straight of grain or are you just being super careful?

  2. I have decided that I am confused about this project. I went to Fandom in Stitches to look at it and saw that it has been done for the past few years as well. The blocks look the same. Do they do the same BOW with different fabrics each year or are the blocks different? I promise that I have listened to all of your podcasts up to #212 (at the time of this comment). Did I miss something?

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