WIP Wednesday - Sticky

I’m out of town this week meeting with designers and engineers and all sorts of people for work. I brought my hand sewing with me, but so far no time to work on it; maybe on the plane ride home. We’ve been really running through the sticky notes as we talk about process and ideals and general work stuff.

One of my contributions was a sticky note in the “what are you feeling?” area of the process. #AllTheFeelings.

3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday - Sticky”

  1. Sticky notes and process go together so well. Use lots and lots of them when doing 6 sigma Rapid improvement events for work. Are yours color co-ordinted for steps/types of things or just what ever color you were drawn toward?

  2. My brain is so overwhelmed and churning right now that I may have to try this and see if it helps me sleep better!

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