WIP Whoopsday: Possibly Not My Jam

I’m late in posting this because 1) I’ve mostly working on a project I can’t share yet, and 2) yes, duh, I forgot again. Well, I did remember at 10:30 when I laid down in bed, but sorry, guys, my heated blanket had pre-warmed the bed and it was super cozy, so you’re getting this a day late.

Anywho, I’ve been following along on Gyleen Fitzgerald’s “Bricks, Cobblestones, and Pebbles” quilt along, which I learned of in the Twilter’s group on Facebook.  I’d not really heard of Gylenn before, although I think she had a group entry at an quilt show I went to at one point as I learn more.  One the hazards of following a new quilt designer is picking up their lingo - I’m all over some Bonnie Hunter vocab, but Gyleen has a different set of descriptors that’s taking some getting used to.

She’s encouraged rabid scrapidity (my term), so I went with that. The results are…

Well… here are the results so far:

The periwinkle/light blue is the “soloist”, meant to stand out. I am not sure that I’ve done that good a job with it, and perhaps should have gone with a solid black or something stronger.

We’re on clue three, which fill in those spaces in the medallion above.  After that I may make the units and wait to see the final layout before assembling.  If it’s too crazy, I’ll break it up with a duet to complement the soloist or something, as my style may not be quite “rabid scrapidity” as “Garanimals” easy matching clothes!

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  1. I’m kind of feeling that way about my Bricks, Cobblestones and Pebbles quilt too. Mine is a little too scrappy, even for me. But I’m going to finish it. I might think it is ugly, but one of my nieces may love it. The ‘where is the clue’ Facebook comments were getting to me too, but it seems like they have slowed down a little. I encourage you to carry on and see what happens with this quilt. I learn a lot about color when I make a quilt I don’t like. I’m hoping the next couple of clues with give me a chance to straighten out my color choices.

  2. I’m late to comment but agree with everyone who likes it. I think it looks like an awesome quilt for a girly girl. Obviously the background will have a big impact, but just as it is on white with some awesome quilting would pack a punch of fun color!

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