“Quilt Number 65, Friendship Number 100” - Finished!

Well, finally here is the finished Kaffe Fasset quilt I made for Lynn. If you’re not familiar with my “quilt number” concept, it’s a number of a perfection scale of 1 to 100, where 100 is a perfect quilt, like you would enter into a show. Each project I work on has a target number - how well my piecing seams align, evenness of quilting stitches, quality of binding, etc.

Not that I wouldn’t love to give Lynn a 100 quilt, but I wanted to give her something to celebrate the one year anniversary of our show, The Stitch.

The quilt is a one-block quilt design carried out in two fabric arrangements to make the design. Sewing corner to corner is not my favorite (or most efficient method) for piecing, but it was a necessary evil in the instructions for the longer pieces.

The end goal was met, though, and Lynn loves the quilt, so all in all it’s a successful project!

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  1. Not sure what you mean by corner to corner sewing??

    GREAT quilt! and what a lovely present. Also, Happy Show Anniversary! May your success continue and multiply!

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