HtbaS - Episode 286

For this episode, I spend the first third talking about the decision process for buying a HandiQuilter Sweet 16 midarm quilting machine at the Chattanooga AQS Quilt Show.  Then I talk a bit about the Sew Pro Convention that I attended last week, some top learnings, and how it’s helped set business priorities for The Stitch as a quilting business.

If you’re local to the Atlanta area, come by the Chattahoochee Evening Stars Stars ‘N’ Stitches quilt show Saturday, September 24 for the live filming of episodes 203 and 204 of The Stitch TV Show! Check out the event on Facebook; we’re kicking off just after 10am, and going right up until 1pm, when fellow Twilter Frances Dowell will present her lecture and trunk show for her new book Birds in the Air.

I completely forgot to review some of the books I’ve read recently, but will get around to those in the next episode!

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3 Replies to “HtbaS - Episode 286”

  1. Thanks for the info about mid arms. I would love to have one some day but figured that would never happen after seeing the price tag of the bernina at my local quilt shop. I had no idea they made them at less than half the price. Its still not in the budget right now, but maybe someday! Love what you do!

  2. Hi Pam.
    Loved the podcast. I “bonded” with my Sweet 16 (Margot) from the first stitch. An honest, straight forward machine. However, I cannot say the same for the bobbin winder. Have mastered it now.

    Oddly enough I now have two bobbin winders as last week “Frances” ( yes named after “our” Frances ….. her book was released last week as well ) the HQ 18 Avantè arrived.

    My Sweet 16 is packed carefully away till I can find the right person to pass it in to.
    I have limited space so Margot will have to go.

    Enjoy your machine.

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