WIP Wednesday - Serving Up Post-Chicago Realness

Wow, this week is truly a recovery week, and trying to take action on all the great stuff I soaked up in Chicago at Sew Pro last week!  I’ll talk more about it on this week’s podcast (posting Friday September 23!), but some of the highlights were:

Kidnapping Christa Watson for dinner Thursday night (who always stops to smile when she sees a camera out, unlike me who always seems to get captured with my RBF showing in spontaneous pictures).

Awkwardly sitting at Tula Pink‘s table while she prepped her keynote and discovering her ad for the Tula Bernina in a magazine at the same time. If you ever get the chance to listen to her speak, DO IT. Shout out to Brenda Ratliff from Pink Castle Fabrics in the middle there.

The gleeful discovery of a series of fine art reproduction paintings in the parking garage in Rosemont near the conference hotel.

There’s a whole series of these recreations with Lynn and I over on Instagram @TheStitchTVShow.

Sewing-wise, I am ramping back up on the The Project That Ate September, and the end is in sight! I am also dodging the baleful eye of the Dresden Garden quilt, which, per my guild UFO challenge, should be done in a month. HA!

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