WIP Wednesday - Sweet Quilting

Over the weekend, my Sweet 16 was delivered, but I had to wait until my husband got home to carry the actual machine upstairs.  Apparently I am a delicate flower who chooses not to take chances lugging a (not inexpensive) 45 pound machine up a flight of stairs.  Once that happened, I got the machine set up and turned it on and…

Promptly didn’t touch it again for 2 days. I’m in the middle of a big old piecing project, so wanted to make progress on that. Also, my brain insisted that I might mess up the machine, or prove that I’m an idiot about free motion quilting, or perhaps it might explode if I turn it on again? Let’s be honest, my brain is an jerk that works against me sometimes.

Last night I took my laptop over to Cindy (her name, because my Janome 6600 is Jan and my Featherweight is Marcia), and decided to take the plunge and a) thread it and b) QUILT SOMETHING. My laptop was there to play the video on threading; turns out I didn’t need it!

Nina was there for moral support, and some mild judging.  Verdict is that it works great!  I have time booked at my LQS for my official one hour orientation, and have two small quilts ready to sandwich and quilt on it.

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  1. Hi Pam,
    With Nina’s excellent guidance you couldn’t go wrong, all the best with the new toy and may you quilt even more than you do now!!!

  2. You’re gonna love it! Once you figure out the tension and stuff it’s pretty easy to maintain. The damn table weighed more than the stupid machine with mine. Be sure to adorn it with lots of stickers, they love that.

  3. I look forward to seeing the quilts you finish on your new mid arm machine. Nina seems excited too 🙂

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