HtbaS 332: The Keeper of Turtles, Lies and Widows

NOTE: I’ve gotten feedback that there may be some audio issues with this episode. I tried a new setup that was easier to manage, but looks like it’s not working out so I’ll go back to the old rig next episode.

In this episode of the quilting podcast, I recap some recent reads (hence the quirky podcast title), some recent quilt finishes, and upcoming events!  Links to reviewed books (via Amazon Affiliate links):

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2 Replies to “HtbaS 332: The Keeper of Turtles, Lies and Widows”

  1. I’m glad to k ow I wasn’t the only one with audio problems. I usually listen to your podcast while traveling in my car. Could do this one as the volume was too low. Finished it with headphones while quilting. Your book reviews sounded interesting. May check those out. Congrats on quilt market. I know y’all will be great! Enjoying your podcasts!!

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